Letter from Günter Deckert – To Be Jailed Again

Günter Deckert is not a criminal, even though he spent five years behind bars — merely for telling the truth about intrinsic bits of underlying history that we have come to know as “WWII History”. It is a crime in a host of countries to tell the truth about issues such as what happened to the Jews during the war – for example, in Germany one could be put in jail for writing a leaflet or for publishing a short book on how the “Auschwitz Numbers” has underwent so much revision throughout the years that they are soon to be regarded as insignificant losses compared to all other peoples who suffered in WWII. Today the numbers range from some four million claimed victims to merely a few hundred thousand dead, for all causes.
That is insignificant compared to all the other losses throughout WWII by Axis and Allies. A fact acknowledged by the leading Holocaust Enforcers and Holocaust Revisionists, at least with regard to the numbers. It is also important to know that Jews were not “gassed” by the Germans as it is frequently claimed in the media and in various textbooks written by Holocaust Enforcers or other peddlers of Holoshlock; they died from disease, lack of supplies: such as food and medical items, squarely because the Allies bombed practically everything, on sight, including trucks and other transports marked with the “big white cross”, or the red one. Tragic for sure, but to invent crude lies as to make it even more tragic simply takes away much of the sympathy for the entire issue, at least as far as I’m concerned.
But to note simple facts, or to state opinion on this, is against the law in Germany, and that’s only one aspect of it all; there is plenty of other details that are strictly “Verboten” to even mutter so much as a wimpy breath about. Ah, Democracy

In any case, here is the letter from Günter Deckert:

Günter Deckert (0049 (0) 6201 – 61329) – Guenter.Deckert@gmx.de
Pf. 100 245

(D) 69442 Weinheim/B., November 2012

Friends, Comrades and Fighters for the TRUTH in WW II History,

The time has come! I must soon enter prison to serve my 5-month sentence although my constitutional objection has not yet been decided. – I am supposed to report for jail on January 2, 2013. The release date will be June 2 as I do not think that I will be given the “extras” (2/3 release) normal criminals are entitled (!) to …

My prison address: JVA-Zuchthaus

Herzogenried-Str. 111

(D) 68169 Mannheim

Fax: 0049 – 621 – 398 280

E-Mail: Poststelle@JVAMannheim.justiz.bwl.de

When writing, PLEASE, do remember that my mail will be “checked”!!! Therefore, please, do not make any reference to the big “H” (Holo…./Shoa) in your letters. Anything else is all right: foreigner problems, asylum-seekers, immigrant criminality, history etc. – If you wish to send photocopies of articles or newspaper clippings, either paste the photocopy or the clipping to the letter or write on the photocopy “Günter / Herr Deckert – this might be of interest to you”. Thus, it is accepted as a letter. I am not allowed to receive loose clippings or flyers/leaflets.

Please, do not send books, magazines, papers. I will not be handed them.

I will attempt to answer letters as soon as I can. – I will also see for comrades to inform via e-mail if it is necessary so that you know what is going on.
Contributions / donations can be made as follows: a) Cash may be sent by registered mail to Pf. 100 245 (G.D.), D 69442 Weinheim/B., b) wire transfers to Günter Deckert –IBAN: DE77 6601 0134 3457 54; BIC: PBNKDEFF; Postbank Karlsruhe; note down “Rechtskampf” –Please, indicate the exact sender.

My wife will let me know, and she will acknowledge receipt by private letter or card. Do not mention the amount of money in the mail to me. The “system” should not be given supporter addresses this way.

“What does NOT kill me, does make me stronger! – So, with this in mind, my best comradely greetings and loyalty to our kin and people.

I wish everyone a very good year of 2013 full of success and the best health possible.

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