Let’s Put An End To Anti-German Hate

I believe this video deserves to have better recognition because it contains a positive message, not only for Germans, but even to Jews. It encourages people to stop anti-German hate (i.e spreading the falsified view of history that Germans shoved Jews into make-shift “gas chambers” and other more or less incredible horror stories).

I’m trying now to rehabilitate more and more victims of anti-German hate; my blog contains entries where I have defended, among others: Otto Skorzeny and Irma Grese. They are actively smeared on a lot of places on the Internet, but also in books written by mere crude history gangsters – either ignorant of history or bent on creating anti-German hatred, perhaps both.

So let’s all vow — despite ideology and political leanings — to destroy and expel anti-German hate to the trash-bin of history where it rightfully belongs.


Today I received an e-mail by YouTube where they said my video “Let’s Put An End To Anti-German Hate” broke their guidelines and had thus been deactivated. I have attached a lower-quality video via Holocaust History News — instead of the old link.
Luckily I did have one copy left at YouTube, but when that copy is deleted by them, do use the following URL:


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