Let’s Purge The Holocaust Belief (HD)

FOURTH DRAFT: A short clip which encourages people to purge themselves from the fraudulent Holocaust belief – this draft has been through several changes, but it still is a very spontaneous and “spur of the moment” production. I also made it in better quality than the previous versions. Enjoy, and please share it elsewhere!

[NOTE: Sorry this is unavailable everywhere. I will however fix it.]


The Holocaust belief — or the Holycost as I like to call it — is a doomed belief. Why do people believe in something that can not pass the most congenital scientific scrutiny?
We have examined the Holycost for years and we came to the conclusion that most of the content is a mere mix of slanderous hate and insidious lies.
It is high time to scratch this belief and concentrate our energy on something positive. There is a whole host of other beliefs that offer a more positive picture rather than superstitious, hysterical lies. The Arithmetic of Positive Belief is perhaps something many people could benefit from.
Do not deprecate The Power of Positive Thinking!
We need to detoxify our mind from this Holocaust virus and expel it from our most inner deepness. At Holocaust History News we do our best to unmask the stories contained in the Holocaust story – it’s easy because this story can not withstand any form of public scrutiny, and it is even against the law in many countries to even have doubt about it.
You can also visit our online page and participate. Have a nice day!


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