The Legacy of Holocaust Survivor Fred Kort

k0nslify productions has documented the story of Fred Kort in a very brief clip, watch it and share if you liked it. It basically covers some of the more interesting bits that Fred Kort is said to have gone through. The information comes from his own experiences as recorded by ‘Life in Legacy’ – whether the story has any credibility is up for the listener to decide upon.

We merely deliver this video for informational purposes using Fred Kort’s own story as the core in the video.

Like I suggested in the beginning of this post: feel free to share this video elsewhere if you thought it to be good.


(SECOND DRAFT: I only changed the encoding. The rest is pretty much the same – it did not need any changes really as I consider it to be quite complete.).

Hello and welcome to Holocaust History News! Today we have decided to scrutinize Fred Kort, a “Holocaust” survivor.

“Kort hid in a tool shed as camp officials massacred 550 prisoners. After 10 hours in hiding, Kort escaped into a nearby forest, where he lived off of berries and roots for three weeks. He eventually joined the underground, made it to the Russian front, and fought with the Polish army.”

Does his story amaze you? But wait, there’s more. At one point:

“he found a bag in a forest clearing. The sack’s contents: sausages, a bathing suit, a shaving kit and a loaded gun.”

His story goes from Tarzan eating roots and berries, to James Bond.

When he got back home he became the Founder, president and chairman of the Los Angeles-based Imperial Toy Corp, which has become known for it’s splendid bubble-blowing kits and makeup kits for girls.

Fred also spent time testifying against the Germans at Nuremberg and similar show trial tribunals.

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