Kay Lorey: Educated In The “Lipstadt Doctrine”

Another Irrational Holocaust Believer Another Irrational Holocaust Believer

I tag Kay Lorey here because he bewildered me with his irrational way of thinking when he said (in German):

Mit Antisemiten und anderen Dummdeppen kommuniziert man nicht, man kommuziert allenfalls ÜBER sie…

Which in essence means:

You don’t communicate with anti-Semites and other dumb idiots, one possibly communicates about them.

He made this remark to me in regard to a very short entry I wrote titled:

David Dubinsky: Another Typical Holocaust Believer (link)

If this — to use his language — dumb idiot had bothered to read the short entry he’d seen that it contains no ‘anti-Semitism’ whatsoever. The only dumb idiot in that story must be David Dubinsky who couldn’t defend his Holocaust Ideology. Kay Lorey along with his ‘Rassekumpel’ have both clearly adopted the ever so popular “Lipstadt Doctrine” of not engaging those who think differently in debate. Whilst this may be characterised as typically Jewish when dealing with a subject sensitive to them this irrational way of thinking has persuaded otherwise intelligent Europeans to adopt a similar mindset, and that certainly is unfortunate. We Europeans are usually quite inquisitive, curious and investigative by nature: but when it comes to issues pertaining to this Holocaust issue we blindly believe, or forced by law to believe in what is dictated to us.

Look here Lorey, we live in 2013 and not the damned Middle Ages. If somebody makes a claim you’re very likely to be challenged on the merits! Calling a person ‘antisemitic’ only because you have no other recourse is merely pitiful and equals waving a white flag thus surrendering any notions you may have on the issue to your opponent.

So to recap: it is Kay Lorey who makes himself look like a ‘dumb idiot’ in this case. The man furthermore appears to have a special tension to denigrate Muslims as indicated by some of the material posted on the man’s Facebook, such as this image:

Image on Kay Lorey's Facebook Image on Kay Lorey's Facebook

For other comments and short commentary on Kay Lorey, see this topic:


As I say, this is 2013 — not the Middle Ages.



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