k0nsl’s New Workstation Is Quick

Right so I finally assembled my new workstation. I didn’t wish to re-install Windows because I have configured it so much to suit all my needs, and I didn’t feel like re-doing all that customization. Also everything is encrypted, the boot as well. It would all just be a hassle, I don’t have time for it.

So I just took the main drive, an OCZ SSD, and plugged it into my new workstation, booted up – entered boot password for the encryption, loaded Windows as usual, with the exception that it now had to re-configure itself in the base parts because I changed some fundamental parts (new chipset, motherboard, CPU, et cetera), so after Windows had detected all new changes I just had to experience numerous reboots, then loaded Windows again, it did more changes, then reboot. Probably four times altogether. I did not count However, after all that it now works great, just the way I want it.
I’m just installing some drivers now for everything.

Check out the SuperPI time. And bear in mind that it was run whilst having a big load on the CPU and a lot of background processes running, and on a very old installation of Windows. Oh, and stock CPU speed! No overclock yet

That’s not bad at all, actually. It’s a lot faster than I expected! Now I’m going to install the drivers and make more changes, then spend the night overclocking it…

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