k0nsl’s Top 6 Songs

Well, just a short list with six of the current most favourite songs of mine. What more is there to say? If you don’t like it, you can lump it 

“Wir lassen uns das Singen nicht verbieten” (with Tina York)


They think they’re the smartest in the world
Oh, how they are smart
For it applies only to what they like
What a self-deception, etc,.

“Heut’ Nacht hab’ ich geträumt von dir” (Nicolai Gedda)


“Bastard Angel” (Spiritual Front)


“Wyndham Hill” (Paul Roland)


And we sailed into the wide yielding blue, while far below receding from view
Wyndam Hill and all that we knew.


“Make The World Go Away” (Ray Price)


“Léon Degrelle” (Massimo Morsello)


I listen to a wide variety of music 


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