k0nsl.org Blacklisted by McAfee SiteAdvisor

For reasons unknown to me McAfee TrustedSource / SiteAdvisor (McAfee) have blacklisted my domain k0nsl.org – but they never tried to inform me about this, nor have they even presented a case for their reason to blacklist the domain, they merely write:

[blockquote]McAfee TrustedSource web reputation analysis found potential suspicious behavior on this site which may pose a security risk. Use with caution.[/blockquote]

As for something else; the way Americans (or some of them) write ‘behavior’ instead of ‘behaviour’ annoys the crap out of me for some reason and apparently my content annoyed the hell out of some Jewish supremacist at the McAfee corporation, must be many there seeing as they’re a subsidiary of Intel. But at least I’m not “blacklisting” them just because I’m annoyed by something.

I guess that the bottom line and point of this post is that McAfee engages in really bad practice the way they have implemented this system. It’s also done in a dishonest fashion. No notification, no reason, no nothing.

McAfee TrustedSource declared that k0nsl.org “may pose a security risk” and “use with caution” – but does McAfee present any evidence for their claims? Well, the answer is no. There is none.
k0nsl.org does not pose a security risk. That’s it.


McAfee has now removed the blacklisting. 

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