k0nsl.org Benchmark — “2014 edition”

This is a 2014 benchmark for the KVM VPS which hosts k0nsl.org (the blog you’re surfing right now):


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Allgemeine Informationen

Prozessor : Common KVM processor
Prozessor-Kerne : 8
Taktfrequenz pro Kern: 3292.520 MHz
Arbeitsspeicher : 8849 MB
SWAP : 3019 MB
Laufzeit : 2 days, 16:07,

Netzwerk Benchmark

Download Geschwindigkeit: Cachyfly (USA): 43.5MB/s
Download Geschwindigkeit: Coloat (USA): 2.92MB/s
Download Geschwindigkeit: Softlayer (USA): 40.1MB/s
Download Geschwindigkeit: Linode (UK): 3.92MB/s
Download Geschwindigkeit: BuyVM (USA): 4.40MB/s

Festplatten Benchmark

I/O Performance [1]: 1.5 GB/s
I/O Performance [2]: 1.4 GB/s
I/O Performance [3]: 1.4 GB/s

CPU Benchmark

real 0m11.366s
user 0m11.361s
sys 0m0.000s

root@gl0bocnik ~#

…not too shabby


The host node runs on a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 V2 with 32 GB ram — hosting only this container + two additional containers: one is cPanel based, the other a minimal CentOS container for a “client”. That’s it, as I say.

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