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Yesterday, Carolyn Yeager mentioned me on her radio show ‘Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager’. I got some heat on her show mostly because of a comment that I phrased somewhat badly and also because I host sites that are strongly anti-Jewish / anti-Zionist in nature. Apparently I was criticized for my English too. I’m not exactly sure why she criticized me on that point, after all my mother tongue is not English, and I didn’t know that the commentary field within various blogs and websites was some sort of ‘Language Contest’ in English. I never signed up for such a contest. I tried to comment on their site — the White network — to explain this and some other issues I had, but my comments were not published. I tried to explain to her a little bit more about who I am and what I do, as she wondered about that, too. But as I say, the comments I made weren’t published, but she must have read them and thus hopefully she understands more about me now.
By the way — Ms. Yeager — one correctly pronounce my moniker “console” and it is spelled “k0nsl” not “Konsl” or “KOnsl” or any variation thereof — the moniker is a sort of unique derivation of “console” (or “Konsole” from the KDE application with the same name).

I tuned into her show somewhere in the middle of it, because I was notified about the fact that I’m mentioned on her show, so of course I tune in to listen, but couldn’t find any apparent faults at this point, but I’m not sure what was said at the very start about me (if anything at all). So I will check if she made any faults on her radio show with regard to myself, later, such as connecting me to running websites which I’m only really hosting (for free, as I told her in the comments which she withheld) — Carolyn may not be aware of this, but I do host all sorts of websites and they all vary much in their content; everything from personal websites, to organizations and more. For the most part I do this because I wish to help people out, albeit in my modest way — but at least its something. Another thing; hosted and sponsored is not the same thing. The meaning of ‘sponsored’ is very different from the meaning of ‘hosted’ — as a native speaker of the English language she ought to know this.
Caroyln Yeager doesn’t understand parts of my comment, such as when I write that I’m not very well-versed in the nationalist arena, at least not the international one, where I naturally mean the nationalism of other countries. As she must be aware: the nationalism in America is very different from the one in Europe, generally. Nationalism can even differ from one political party to another, and from one organization to the next. Very simple. She asks this:

‘so what does he know?’

Well, as for my ‘Fähigkeiten’ (and interests): they include programming and modern history, but I’m also increasingly interested in the fate of my country which is now being reduced to a trash heap filled with junk, with rubbish. Carolyn says she used to have respect for me. So her respect varnished only because I criticized this “Tanstaafl”-person and because I jokingly used an ‘ill-adivsed example’ to make the only comparison I could think of, at the time? She is free to associate herself with him, I have no problem with it. None whatever. I just found it strange and wished she would be cautious.

I’ve got nothing against Ms. Yeager or this “Tanstaafl”-person. I would just never associate with the latter.

Somebody on their site (the tWn site) tried to defend the fraternization with questionable individuals by this reasoning:

It has recently come out clearly in mainstream academic history that the NS government was quite accomodating to “mischlinge” and even full blooded Jews who had proven their loyalty in the army. (Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers by Brian Mark Rigg in particular). Field Marshall Erhard Milch is the most famous example. Reducing everything purely to race really misses a lot of the point.

This sort of reasoning is pretty amusing, in some ways. So just because the NSDAP was accommodating and in many ways incredibly lenient towards the very people who wanted to see their destruction, does that mean it was right, and that we must repeat their mistake again? No, of course not.
Now I do — to a small extent — get the point this person is making, but, I still wouldn’t associate myself with “this people”, even if the person only was a so-called “mischlinge”. That’s me and that is how I feel.
Also, I do not hate Jews. I’ve repeatedly tried to tell a host of people this, most notably Roberto Muehlenkamp. But they never get it. I’ve told them something like this; only because one doesn’t love them, doesn’t mean one hates them.

Listen to ‘Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager’:

Another thing, she says I’ve no problems with Turks because I host CZ which she alleges is maintained by a Turkish man who is also a Moslem. I do not have any information to this effect, in fact, I’m pretty sure she is (again) wrong on that point.

I am quite sure the author of CZ is not Turkish

For whatever it’s worth.

I wrote this post hastily, so again, sorry for any eventual errors. It isn’t like I’m writing an essay here 


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