“k0nsl is a repulsive, smarmy, putrid sack of excrement”

Today one of the trolls of the infamous hate group ‘Holocaust Controversies’ were so worked up that he spent the better part of the morning attacking me in postings on their cute little forum — but in the end the HC-troll agreed with me because I showed him how his logic was wrong.

But that didn’t make him any happier at all, because shortly after agreeing with me, he wrote back this to me:



If the image doesn’t work, or if you prefer plain text, here’s what he wrote (in text):


I have been so busy trashing k0nsl that I forgot to open the door at CWROAFHG this morning. Christ it is so fucking cold in the building. I thought Duke was going to light the wood stove and turn on the lights but it appears there is some form of Ummeroffen family event today.

I know that bitching at k0nsl is a complete waste of time. I doubt that his IQ equals the point spread of tomorrows super bowl. He is such a repulsive, smarmy, putrid sack of excrement that I just can’t resist throwing rocks at him. The amazing thing about these imbeciles like k0nsl, is that he has no sense of how the vast majority of people, almost everyone, would consider his views as vile and stupid. It is as if such people live in a bubble where the general aura of the world is filtered out of their awareness like a lead fallout shelter blocks radiation. My guess is that k0nsl inhabits the UK. The US of A has its wackjobs, but I think that wingnut racism might be more accepted in the UK.

I have heard that one can hear racist taunts at European football matches, and even in the EPL, but if anyone blurted a racist remark at an American sporting event, they’d be dead in 20 seconds. Correct me, Duke, if I am wrong as I may be giving your people too little credit, or giving mine too much.



He started accusing me of being a racist. My “racism” was merely that of acknowledging an universally accepted fact  — that people are different. Such fierce racism, eh!

I reacted in the following manner to this accusation:

Whaaat…you’re calling me a ‘filthy racist pig’ because I think people are different from one and another?

Then he says I’m hurting the ‘revisionist cause’ with my ‘racism’. But first of all; acknowledging that there are differences in people isn’t racism — this is a natural fact. Therefore I’m not a racist, k. Certainly not in the sense that I would simply hate somebody solely based on this person’s racial make-up.

As he claimed that my alleged ‘racism’ is hurting those who don’t stake a belief in the Holocaust story, thus making it out as if I would somehow be representative for these folks, I had to teach him correct usage of logic:

Your logic, Mr. Bernard isn’t very good. I’ll just deal with your last nonsense:

One cannot use me to judge ‘revisionism’ as a whole. I am hardly representative. I’m just one guy who hacks away at the lame holocaust story without even blinking. One guy, okay?
For example: if one particular chicken didn’t taste good, or wasn’t up to expectations because the chef used the wrong culinary recipe for this particular dish, then one cannot say all chickens tastes awful. But using your logic, Mr. Bernard, that’s exactly what you’d say. That is essentially what you’re saying.

As I say, I’m just a guy who hacks away at the holy of holies and I’m not even blinking. 

Good mornin’ !

Besides some personal attacks he responded that he “stood corrected”. As for my strong feelings and opinions when it comes to Jews, I declared to him:

I’m sometimes a bit harsh with the Jews. But I get worked up thinking about how they get away with this gigantic filthy hoax whilst having been the biggest murderers in recorded history. That makes me mad just thinking about it, you see? I am usually very reasonable but won’t budge one millimetre when it comes to this issue.
What the Jews went through in WWII was mere personal tragedy — not a ‘holocaust’ by a long shot (oh, a pun!)

(see: Jews in the NKVD of Stalin’s Soviet Union)

So…what got this HC-troll so worked up in the first place? Well, apparently something so banal as the discussion about two “photographs” supposed to depict Jewish ‘mass graves’, where somebody not very gifted artistically, had painted and pasted in ‘bodies’ which he and his friends said were victims of German gunslingers…

But there were no German gunslingers in that sense. The Jews on the other hand were notorious gunslingers in those times, see:


The Russians too, of course:


But „when it’s a matter of denigrating Germans, nothing need be verified“ [1] —  the Germans are always guilty; even in staged photographs such as this one:


However! Reasonably well-informed folks know that „just as a cat can’t stop mousing, a Jew can’t stop swindling and lying“ (source).



1. Leon DegrelleHitler: Born at Versailles (California: Institute for Historical Review, 1987), p. 141.


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