k0nsl Gets Overhauled

New design New design

I’ve decided to ditch the old design and do something new, I simply got tired of the other design. This one is based upon a theme by WPThemes.co.nz and I think it looks pretty good so far.

I’m still trying to incorporate some of the old stuff into this along with my own tweaks and customisations. 

Another thing, since nobody ever really used the commenting system I sat up via devnet-software.org I’m using the WP native commenting system for now. The main reason for using the commenting system provided via devNET was that no spam ever went through.

In any case I think this design looks much better on most points. Ya, I’m pleased with it 



k0nsl is a programmer, server administrator, designer, moderator, spokesman and factotum of a wide-variety of web pages. You can reach k0nsl via e-mail — i.am@k0nsl.org.

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