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Jonathan Harrison, a blogger and Holocaust Believer, posted a piece entitled: “Pregnant Women will be Put to Death”, which when read further into the actual text, one finds a particularly revealing quote which Mr. Harrison apparently believes to be credible [NOTE: no proof is actually given for such a belief]. Naturally the quote originates from a female Jew (what else) by the name of Margita Schwalbova. It reads like this:

[…] Every woman found to be pregnant was killed by phenol injection, or Dr. Bodmann terminated the pregnancy in such a way that every mother died from blood infection.

However, as I have noted above, no proof is actually given for this most outrageous claim. What’s even more outrageous in connection with this is that at Auschwitz-Birkenau there was several infirmaries, here’s one of them, very beautiful one too:


And not only that, there are numerous accounts which speaks of children being born in Auschwitz-Birkenau and taken care of with great care. No talk about dreadful injections, ‘gas ovens’ or ‘gas showers’. But one account I found did mention that the newborn were systematically drowned in bathtubs – how credible this claim is, I cannot tell, but, take a second and ponder this –  one simply wonder why the women weren’t simply thrown into the ‘gas chamber’ rather than waiting for the child to be delivered before the entire procedure can begin. Germans are known for being efficient, logical and rational – waiting for somebody to give birth to a child just to drown it in a bathtub does not appear to be neither logical, rational and certainly not efficient!

For several references on children being born in Auschwitz-Birkenau, see:

The query “born in auschwitz” generates some 34 600 results in Google, and without quotes wrapped around the phrase it gives us about 5 920 000 results. Many of the stories are actually hilarious – one woman, Helen Brashatsky, who converted to a Muslim, claims to have been hidden by a Christian doctor under the floor board for years – in the physicians house at the Auschwitz complex. Search Google and look through some of the stories, there’s a lot of them!

Below is a photograph with [some of] the ‘evil’ people who worked at Auschwitz:


Any one of these guys and gals – or at the very least Dr. Bodmann – could have stood ready to give a mother the feared blood infection caused by the dreaded phenol injection – if we choose to believe the crazed postings of Jonathan Harrison.

Here’s a bunch of kids upon the ‘liberation’ of Auschwitz, and frankly they look pretty healthy too me [note the poser up-top]:



However, apropos liberation; the prisoners were given a choice between staying in the camp until the Soviets arrived there – or leave with their supposed tormentors, all voluntarily according to the account of ‘Holocaust icon’ Elie Wiesel. Many chose to leave with the ‘evil’ Germans.

For reference on that, see:

The most famous kid of the ‘Holocaust’ must be Anne Frank. What’s interesting with her story is that she spent an entire month at the dreaded ‘Death Factory’ Auschwitz-Birkenau…and later she was transported away all the way to Bergen-Belsen! Let’s see here, she was not gassed in a ‘chemical slaughterhouse’ at Auschwitz, she was merely put “on hold” there, then transported to Bergen-Belsen and by now obviously the Germans must stand there, at the train station, just waiting to MURDER her in some fantastical manner, right? Nope. They tried to take care of her, but unfortunately she died there – from typhus (not a German Murder Instrument, look it up).

Actually, wait. Here’s more on typhus:


Just in case somebody doesn’t know what it is.

So in essence one can conclude that Jonathan Harrison apparently finds Margita Schwalbova to be credible. Given the evidence against this I must [regretfully?] say that I don’t believe it.

[box type=”info”] I put ‘regretfully’ in brackets because in some countries one is put in jail for doubting this blatant lunacy.[/box]


Did you know that it was officially ruled that over four million were murdered in all sorts of ways and manners at Auschwitz-Birkenau? That eyewitnesses said so? That ‘perpetrators’ confessed to it? Let’s take one example, shall we:



Four million dead at Auschwitz, and gassings in Natzweiler? Well, it must be so since Kramer said so, and what’s more, Kramer sat on a leading position. Why would Kramer say something like this? I wonder.

Today, of course, nobody believes this (I hope). The numbers are falling and falling each year, for some ten years ago, or whatever the date was, this is what the newspapers proclaimed:


Remember friends, I too, used to believe in the ‘holocaust’. I would be all over the place, until I started researching the topic intensively. Today I do not believe these fantastic tales.

Good bye!

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