Is the term “Judeo-supremacist” an anti-Semitic expression?

Somebody asked this question:

Is the term “Judeo-supremacist” (or “Jewish supremacist”) an anti-Semitic, Judeophobic and anti-Jewish expression? An example of hate speech?

The answer is naturally a simple “no”, in all instances. The term is mostly used to accurately describe supremacist behaviour exhibited amongst people who proclaim themselves to be Jews, or belonging to Judaism.

Metapedia describes it in the following manner [1]:

Jewish supremacism is the belief, and promotion of the belief, that the Jews are superior to all others and should rightfully have control over non-Jews in all matters. The religion of Talmudic Judaism itself claims that the Jews are a race “chosen” by God ahead of the rest of humanity. Jewish supremacists believe that they are morally, intellectually, religuously and genetically superior. The purpose of this belief is to have an excuse to commit crimes such as the black slave trade, the Red Holocaust and Zionism. These crimes are used to establish social, political, historical and/or industrial dominance by Jews. The supremacist views are often “supported” by fallacious scientific research of which the outcome is predetermined so that the supremacist views are “confirmed”.
Jewish supremacy, as with supremacism in general, is rooted in ethnocentrism and a desire for hegemony and power, and has frequently resulted in violence against non-Jews. Different forms of Jewish supremacy have different conceptions of who is considered Jew, and not all Jewish supremacist organizations agree on who is their greatest enemy. Jewish supremacy distinguishes itself from other forms of supremacy, as Jewish supremacist groups can be found in all countries with a Jewish minority or majority population, whereas this cannot be said of other forms of supremacy: for example not all, countries with a black minority also have black supremacist groups. Unfortunately, in most countries even militant Jewish supremacist organizations are not watched closely by law enforcement officials, but instead often subsidized by the governments under influence of the zionist lobby.

People who has agenda to cloak this definition often abide by what I call “the nutroll definition”, and they often give the most desperate answer to this question — these people are more than likely often Jewish persons. For example, this answer given below by one “Sean McBride” who in reality is probably a “Schmuel Goldstein” is a textbook case of a person giving a desperate answer which lacks all rationality and logic:

I think it definitely is anti-Semitic because one enounters the term only among hardcore and aggressive anti-Semitic authors and websites. Try Googling it for yourself!

This answer is of course absurd because his only argument consists of saying that because it is frequently used by people he says hate Jews then it must be ‘anti-Semitic’. There is no logic or rationality in his way of “reasoning”.

That’s it. I had to just answer this hastily while I still have connection to the Internet

1. Jewish supremacism,


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