IRC is online again

Okay, so I finally got around to fixing the IRC server again, and this time I decided to keep it very simple. The IRCd is ‘Feisty Weasel’ coupled with Atheme IRC Services [1]. Took a bit of modding for the services, but they’re working fine
The web page [2] for the IRC is very simple. I cannot be bothered to spend any considerable amount of time on that bit, not right now. I suggest that people use a real IRC client rather than a webIRC client, not that they’re bad – except for IRCCloud which Digerati tried to lure me into, but I didn’t fall for that. A honeypot full of feds, no thank you

As for the web page, it currently looks like this:

I’ll probably improve upon it whenever I feel like it. As it stands right now, either use it, or connect directly to on port 6667 with a traditional IRC client of your choice.



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