Two Interesting Video Sites

Hello friends !  :smile:

I’m just going to post two links to video sites that I believe is of interest. They mostly contain controversial videos which are deleted or censored everywhere else, or at most places, in any case!

So without any further commentary from myself, here they are:

HHN Video Portal


HHN Tube

Feel free to share these video sites elsewhere. They are both under development currently which is why they do not contain much content yet. I am one of the coders for these projects, see? That’s why I have a special interest in promoting them  :tounge:

Oh, and ah’ll be posting some pictures and benchmarks of my new box soon, but I’m a little bit busy (unusual!) with one private project and it has priority over everything else right now. And I have some stuff outside this online world also, such as cutting wood and training my dogs.

Good bye friends !

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