Greece: In Honour of George Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis

This is in Greece, Athens — Saturday night — at the location where they killed George Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis.

Thousands of Greeks are currently holding a candle in hand, have gathered at the point where they murdered two young men!
People coming to pay their respects to our fallen brothers, lighting candles and saying prayers.
Mourners gather around the spot where these two boys were brutally murdered.
In a symbolic gesture, local residents change the street sign to name it after Manos Kapelonis and Giorgos Foudoulis.
The crowd erupts in shouting and applause, “Athanati!” meaning in English “Immortals!”

Source: Der Widuhudar, Thousands of Greeks are currently holding a candle…


  1. The image used as ‘featured image’ is from Svenskarnas Parti, see this link: Solidaritet med Gyllene gryning.
  2. The video itself was taken from Golden Dawn’s website and the video is theirs — I uploaded it here because it is blocked in many countries and will more than likely be deleted on YouTube as well.

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