I’m Now Mirrored at GitHub

Yesterday I looked into converting the blog to Jekyll for better performance and all the other benefits, but ended up merely doing a storage/holder [or mirror] on GitHub for most of the posts and pages located on the master blog [i.e k0nsl.org] and the conversion process went quite well with no hiccups to talk about.

The only issue is that I have been coding special short codes and using some already available short codes so that is one issue, and quite dumb of me to do, but it’s a nice way to save some time when creating posts. So that is the only issue with the mirror on GitHub – malformed posts.

For instance, take the image used in this post, I’m using short code for it when I should be doing HTML, like so:


[k0nsl-image="k0nsl image" u="http://some-image"]


But I should be using:

<div class="centered-image">
<div class="frame-border"></div>
<img src="kthumb.php?src=http://k0nsl.org/blog/k1/uploads/2013/01/github1_k0nsl.png&amp;w=390&amp;h=250&amp;zc=1&amp;q=100" alt="k0nsl.github.com"/>
<span class="caption-text">k0nsl.github.com</span>

But other than that the mirror is looking fine so far. Good to have redundancy, I suppose.

Mirror URL:

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