I’m banned at XtremeSystems Forums

Some days ago I discovered — to my great surprise — that I was banned at the net’s biggest and best overclocking Web Page (or forum, rather): XtremeSystems Forums (xtremesystems.org).

The reason given? None. I e-mailed them several times, but was not even granted the courtesy of a reply. I suspect this ban is due for personal reasons against me, perhaps because I defeated one of them in debate someplace else, or maybe simply because some person there didn’t like my views on certain issues — views I did not present at their forum, unfortunately. So they banned me – despite that I always abide by the rules of the board and always behave and write in a respectful manner.

Sure, it’s a bit irritating, but it also does convince me more and more. that when I am banned from somewhere, or someplace, that my convictions are spot on. So to hell with it, I’m not bothering with them any more.

This just frees up more time for my projects instead of sitting on their forum, reading topics to no end. Perhaps I should’ve thanked them for this? 

Nah, I’m kidding. It’s really is an unjust ban – but seeing as the majority of the administrators and ‘Super Moderators’ are Americans I certainly can understand the unjustness in their actions.

That’s all my friends. I personally believe that any person should have the right to hold whatever views or beliefs that person wants. It is ignorant and typically American not to allow others to hold views they don’t agree with.

But then again, America is the lapdog of Israel. How’s that feel? Ha ha! 

Bye for now, friends.

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