IANVA – Il Bello Della Sfida

IANVA’s music represents the pure expression of both Western culture most ambitious projects of the past and the feeling of uneasiness and need for fulfilment of the citizens of the Now.

In the last years IANVA has been giving back to us forgotten words as Passion, Boldness or Dignity and Honour through an overwhelming and diverse mixture of sounds from the greatest moments of past eras: from the soundscapes created by Ennio Morricone or Stelvio Cipriani through the very first Italian new wave; from Jacques Brel and Ute Lemper to old British nocturnal ballads; from the eternal sounds of Imperial Italy through figures like Mina, Milva, Dalida, Fabrizio De André or Lucio Battisti, IANVA is the mighty aura of the past cast in the future.

IANVA (prnounced “ya-noo-ah” or “ianua”) is an ensemble from Genoa, Italy that was born as the collision of individuals of the most diverse backgrounds: the vocal part is divided between Mercy (ex member from Malombra, Segno Del Comando and Helden Rune) and Stefania D’Alterio (ex-Wagooba). The rhythm section features Francesco La Rosa (ex member from Malombra) on drums and percussion; the bassist Azoth is a former member of Italy’s top black metal band Spite Extreme Wing; Fabio Gremo (with a strong classical background) and Fabio Carfagna (ex-Malombra) are the guitar section; classical background musicians Giuseppe Spanò and Davide La Rosa complete the band.

On the paths of today, IANVA’s sound can be related to the few bombastic and intense approaches of the neofolk realm (but with a vision focused towards a completely different set of visions and with no hidden ideological agenda). What is perceived a some as an end, for IANVA is just one of many points of departure: suggestive film noir atmospheres take the listener to a real trip through a world where the French and Genovese “canzone d’autore” flows with the epic and highly visual compositions of a Morricone and the aforementioned unforgettable Italian voices and the most experimental ’70s progressive rock.

Offical website: http://www.illevriero.it/ianva

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