I Seem To Have Made a Terrible Mistake

* k0nsl facepalm
<k0nsl> accidentally deleted all mysql data when replacing MySQL + backups…guess some of my users/clients will be quite mad. And me too, lost entire blog :|
<k0nsl> rofl
<k0nsl> biggest mistake i’ve done in liek 10 yrs

Routine thing went terrible just because I felt overconfident when doing a simple in-place replacement of MySQL with Percona Server. Luckily I did have backups in the cloud from the 26th, but some content were lost. I’ve still not really appreciated the damage I did, yet.

As I said in #trinity hehe, biggest mistake I’ve done in ten years. But at least Percona Server is running smoothly now 

I had just edited like 50 pages or so and formatted them correctly, and did a lot of changes on some other sites. That’s all gone now. The posts about Holocaust Memorial Day and that stalking asshole were not much to loose, they were written hastily anyway and they were short. I’m going to rewrite the stalking post another day — so it will probably be a lot better than the previous one. Now I’m going to do some damage check + optimizations on the server.

This sucks. 

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