I am looking for a copy of some software

Friends and foes,

I am looking and searching everywhere for a copy of BlastIT, System33r Windows Uptime and any variant of  Clicker.Outwar. I’m also interested in finding copies of Scramble Tool produced by system33r, that is to say–me.  (666)

And a special version of SMW which featured the polymorphic stubs written mainly in ASM. I have some of the System33r Socks4/Socks5 releases, but if you have the complete set of them I’d be glad if you sent them also.

The reason behind this request is that I lost most of my projects over the years due to all sorts of happenings. It’s only natural that one looses stuff over such a long time period: 2001 to 2012.

And if we rewind perhaps two-three years, well, in that period up until 2011 I never really was concerned with backups–not in any serious matter, unfortunately. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way, so now I always backup: daily!

If you find or have any copies of these items please contact me at i.am@k0nsl.net  :smile:

Ah, I almost forgot–if anybody is interested in having himself or herself a bit of a laugh, check out:


That’s my type of humour in 2004  :mrgreen:


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