Hugo Chávez Condemned Israel and America

I have seen at several places all around the web — Americans and Zionist shills — working hard to soil the name of Hugo Chávez. They call this man a ‘monster’.

But unlike the scum in human form elected by Americans each and every time there is an election in America, this “monster” actually worked for the interests of his people and his country. American politicians have only one concern — how to best line their own pockets and how to best please the Jews. What great leaders the Americans got.

This “monster” condemned the ‘Gaza flotilla raid’, whilst Obama sat quiet as a rodent in a synagogue doing nothing.

This “monster” cut out the ferocious and dark forces involved in the international oil industry and put all resources earned from their oil into projects for his own nation and to his own people.

Hugo Chávez was no monster — this man had the best interests of his people at heart and the interests of Venezuela was always without compromise the number one priority. Everything else was always secondary at best.

I for one will always have the utmost respect for this man.


As YouTube is a really bad alternative when it coems down to linking material that is “controversial content” (i.e criticising of jews and Israel) I have mirrored this clip here:

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