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Today I had this really strange dream about me and my sister visiting a town where we both used to live when we were considerably younger, and on this particular day a tivoli was also present in the town.

All I really remember of it all was that I kept being locked in and out of this big tivoli which had all sorts of weird rooms, and I had to find my way out of them (or into them) like a weird Kafkasque maze – only much more insane. So the last time I finally got in, I try to locate my sister, and I do find a room, quite small in size, almost entirely wodden, and I enter it only to find Höss and two of my old friends (we can call them Ralle and Rie) who both attack me for no apparent reason, but Höss doesn’t, and everything plays out almost in slow motion, I try to pry away a wooden plank to beat Ralle with but I can only swing it with great effort because I’m apparently wearing a suit that is so incredibly tight that I cannot swing. In fact, I remember waking up with panic because it was so tight.

The last thing I remember before waking up is seeing myself in a mirror but with my face replaced with that of Höss. My hands were even trying to untie the buttons on the pyjamas as I was beginning to wake up 

It was a very strange dream, indeed. I’m sorry if there’s some mistakes in the description of my dream, but I just woke up and had to type it out whilst still somehwat exact. If I wait, there’s a big chance I forget most of it, and then I merely *think* about posting it, but it never gets done.

As for the short URLs part of the story, I’ve almost completed a project which I will mainly be using on my blog (I am already using it) – a typical short URLs service, see:


I will post example code tomorrow or later which shows basic usage of the API, should anybody else want to use it.

The code I’m using now is rough and the calls its making will more than likely be obsoleted by tomorrow because I’m making the API system similar to that of “bitly”, i.e returning data in XML like $xml->data->url.

For what I’m using right here on my blog as of a few days back it looks like this:

[sourcecode language=”css”]

/* return data from URL */

function incur($url) {
$ch = curl_init();
$timeout = 5;
$data = curl_exec($ch);
return $data;

/* retrieve data from incur() */

function retrieve_URL($url,$format=’txt’) {
$szData = ‘http://knsl.net/api.php?url=’.$url;
return incur($szData);

/* return the contents from  retrieve_URL() */

function show_url($show) {
$target = retrieve_URL(get_permalink( $id ));

$content .= ‘<a href="’.$target.’" target="_blank">’.$target.'</a>’;
return $content;


I will completely rewrite the new code and post some working examples of it tomorrow. While pointless I might even write a plugin for it, but I’d probably be the only one using it, bar a few random people 

[divider]Post Script[/divider]

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Höss, that’s not the reason why I was dreaming about him – in the dream he did not hurt me, and he had a very kind face. It was not the sort of Höss which the Jews and British puke produced via torture after the end of WWII, when they tortured him for almost a week to make him confess to unscientific and complete nonsense (see note #1), here’s a photograph of Höss in his prime days:


In the above photo we can see Dr. Josef Mengele, Rudolf Höss, Josef Kramer, and some other guy in relaxed companionship.

But in the next photograph of Höss we can see him after having had a session with his Jewish manhandlers, to make him “confess” to absurd horseshit:



And that’s probably how I would describe how Höss looked in my dream, at least his eyes. This look in his eyes always saddened me a lot, very much I must say 


  1. How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss

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