Holocaust Revisionist Poster

To generate more exposure for the fraudulent claims within the orthodox Holocaust story a member of the CODOH Revisionist forum has began producing posters on the subject.

The member who should be thanked for taking the initiative goes by the moniker Callahan, see:

This member has created a really good poster:


(Full resolution: https://k0nsl.org/blog/k1/uploads/2013/03/holocaust-revisionist-poster02_k0nsl.jpeg)

It is my belief that this might inspire other gifted graphic designers to craft similar posters saturated with facts against the orthodox Holocaust story. Heaven knows there’s a lot of really good artists out there, especially at places like deviantART.

If you can’t for some reason become a member of the CODOH Revisionist Forum, feel free to send in any submissions via me at i.am@k0nsl.org.

Good work Callahan! 


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