Holocaust Enforcers And Virtual Hate

I’ve publicized these e-mails before, and at other places, but I’m centralizing most of the content and putting it on my blog instead, because it’s a lot easier to keep track of and keep a good updated copy of the backup.

Well, these particularly hateful e-mails comes from a Jewish person by the name of Tom Polansky — he calls himself “TrtSk”, amongst other things, online, and uses or used the e-mail TrtSk@aol.com.

Basically it boils down to this, he e-mailed me in 2004, or earlier, I forget the exact date, with the intent of frightening me from continuing with exposing the so-called Holocaust story for what it is (i.e, a story that is impossible as alleged and which basically contradicts itself on most points). So this guy — being a Holocaust Enforcer and esteemed friend of Holocaust Controversies’ Andrew E. Mathis — probably thought he had an easy victim on the other end of the data packets; nothing could have been further from the truth, seeing as it has passed some ten years since these threats were hoisted in my direction.

Even in 2004 I responded to one of his threats — the first one I believe — asking him politely to “piss off” and that I’m not bothered by his “little friends”. I also created a cheesy video about it:

So in any case, here are some of the threats I’ve received from just one of these Apostles of Lies, Tom Polansky.

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First e-mail:

What a vile creature you are. What a Jew-hating piece of filth.

Wake up, boy. Maybe you’re just a liar and you’re still in Sweden. But if you’re in Germany as you say you are you are about to find yourself in a world of trouble.

Unless of course you can get [DELETION]

I’m taking hostages, kid, and you’re my next one, along with ESCHEN [note #1]. Understand?

RESPOND IMMEDIATELY to secure your freedom.


PS: If any part of this post appears on any forum I am informing the German police immediately that you are in their jurisdiction. So don’t get funny [DELETION]. In fact I think you should erase any parts of any e-mails I’ve sent to you now if you want your fellow sailor [note #1] to remain a free person.


Second e-mail:

Does it bother you that even in Sweden you can be prosecuted for what you’ve written? Look up Ahmed Rami’s case.

If you don’t apologize to me in about an hour’s time, I’m going to contact a friend at Interpol. And you’ll have police so far up your ass they’ll be able to see the backs of your teeth.

Now apologize, you piece of shit.


Third e-mail:

My little friends are big friends and they are going to break you into little pieces.


Tom Polansky’s friend Andrew E. Mathis told me the following in an e-mail, shortly after a criminal hate factory called Expo tried to gather my personal information [note #2]:

“You have been exposed, and unless you want this to continue into a criminal investigation, I’d suggest you apologize and admit what you are.

You did not think that [DELETION] found you all by themselves, did you? You know that Albrecht Kolthoff is on the THHP board along with myself, yes? And I did mention the contact I have in Sweden.

In short, I helped get you nabbed.”

But again, only 25 percent of truth is baked into the article by the ‘Stasi-like’ organisation which calls itself “Expo”; the rest are crude fabrications by their editor in chief, Daniel Poohl. So what does this say about those trying to uphold — at any cost — the hateful legacy of the Holycaust story? Andrew E. Mathis have lavished death threats against this writer and against my family.


Don’t get me wrong, I do have fears regarding some of these socio-psychopaths because they are dangerous [note #4] and can resort to any number of violent crimes in order to ‘shut up’ somebody they don’t agree with, or someone doing damage to their Holy of Holies: this is a pun of Auschwitz and it is also something van Pelt said in the botched documentary “Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.” [note #3], see:

00:40:58 [ Van Pelt ] Auschwitz is like the Holy of Holies.

Only desperate people resort to threats and violence to counter people who merely wants to know the truth about a fragment of alleged WWII criminal history, with all the tricky details that history entails.

The German titan Goethe, wrote:

[blockquote]A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.[/blockquote]


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