Holocaust Controversies’ Muehlenkamp Talks ‘Cowardice’

Let’s begin with some quotes:


Hi there, Mr. Andersson.

I see you still cannot do without your self-projecting invective (those effeminate tendencies of yours must bother you a lot), and that you look even more stupid on your current avatar than in your other picture. Or is that your boyfriend?



Roberto Muehlenkamp


Mr. Muehlenkamp responded in the above manner — to my explanation below — as to what “WNLibrary” stands for:


Actually, I think I’m in a better position to tell that. The meaning behind the “WN” in “WNLibrary” is very banal – it simply stands for “Webmaster Network”, because it was supposed to be a library for webmasters. Now, however, it will function as a library for a wide variety of topics. I always say, if somebody has something of interest, and they want it on WNLibrary, they can contact those in-charge and they’ll probably upload it, no matter what the topic is.

Why is the abbreviation of “WN” even of interest to anybody, or to Roberta in this case…? 

By the way: yes, I have abbreviated it differently in some cases. But so what. Who cares? 






Roberto talks about “boyfriends” and “effeminacy” along with attacks on the photograph of myself which I keep for avatar all over the Web, but doesn’t respond as to why the abbreviation of “WN” is a concern for him. After all, it was Roberto who brought it up in the first instance by asking:


Do you know what the “WN” in “WNLibrary” stands for?



Roberto Muehlenkamp


As for his attacks, I told him:


As is customary Roberto did not answer the question, instead he decided to make derogatory remarks about my avatar, and he also (as is the custom routine for him) managed to apply a name to me that I do not have. I am not sure what ‘other picture’ he’s referring to, either. Roberto has done this for years. The man has called me “Andersson” for a decade or so without any foundation to base such a belief upon. Why my credentials should be of interest to him is also a mystery to myself. Clearly it isn’t this author who has issues, that’s for sure!


signed, k0nsl


To this Mr. Muehlenkamp posts a link to an article written by a Swedish organisation called “Expo”, full of unsubstantiated nonsense. He says:


Without any foundation, Mr. Andersson? [see: https://k0nsl.org/blog/tag/expo/] Not that I particularly care about your “credentials”, you see. I just like to see how you react whenever your name comes up.



Roberto Muehlenkamp


Naturally his answer gives me an ample opening to challenge him, so I answer him like so:


After that response, the sorry man — Roberto Muehlenkamp — was quiet. I asked, where’d Roberto Muehlenkamp go? Pondering for all to hear, that he’s: ‘probably coming up with some clever lies to defend his unfounded claims.’


What he did was something typical of him – mixing irrationality with stupidity (hey, that’s two of the main ingredients in the Holocaust story haha). In actual fact, he mustered this:


As I said, I like to see how this pathetic creature reacts whenever his name (or what he claims is not his name) comes up.

The easiest way for the fellow to “clear up” the “error” that makes him freak out every time it is mentioned, of course, would be to reveal his true identity (which he claims is not that of Jonathan Andersson) to Mr. Poohl and/or to “those who repeat his claims”.

But that’s the last thing k0nsl the chicken would consider doing, needless to say.



Roberto Muehlenkamp


The buffoon struck with a very unintelligent reply. This one must take the grand prize for sheer stupidity.

Let’s break it down:

  •  he likes my reaction whenever the unfounded claim of my identity comes up
  •  he wants me to reveal my ‘true identity’ to Daniel Poohl and his lie factory Expo
  •  calls me a chicken for not doing so


To this I responded:


I am not claiming something, I am telling it to you. Personally, I think that if anybody is in a position to tell the truth about my identity it’s me, and not some “journalist” who writes for a lie factory. And I am not freaking out over anything – I merely want you to not pry into my identity and I have repeatedly told you not to apply names to me that isn’t mine. I just tell you to not call me a name that doesn’t belong to me. Why should I want to be called someone I’m not and why should it be of interest to you who I am?

Why should I reveal my true identity to people who terrorize others because they don’t like their viewpoints on history or political views? Many of the members who make up (or once made up) Poohls lie factory have a criminal background – mostly in connection with assaulting people they do not agree with. So rather than being a coward I’m actually being rational and intelligent. The reasoning of Roberto Muehlenkamp is – at the very least – plain stupidity and irrationality.





His response to this? He posts a picture of a person sitting in a chicken dress in front of a computer. 


Then he attacks me in the following manner:


Face it, k0nsl, you’re a whimpering little coward who doesn’t have the courage to put his name behind the garbage he produces.



Roberto Muehlenkamp


And instructs me to change my avatar to something other than ‘that pig-faced idiot’.



My last response to him:

Hm, talking about inane incompetents Roberto Muehlenkamp certainly fits that category like the ‘hand in the glove’.
I encourage the pitiful man to actually do some research about Expo and the people involved in that organisation. This man would probably claim that the confessions of Höss were rational, too. But Höss endured torture for almost a week to confess to that nonsense – so in a similar way, the buffoon wants me to tell my true identity to people who wants to harm me.
Where’s the rationality in that?


In reality, Roberto wants me to hand over my private details to persons such as Tobias Hübinette, founder of the lie factory Expo. This person said the following in Creol (a newspaper):


To feel or even think that the white race is inferior in every possible plane is natural, given its history and current actions. Let the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!



Tobias Hübinette


Here’s a photograph of Mr. Hübinette:

The ominous Tobias Hübinette.. The ominous Tobias Hübinette..

The courts have repeatedly assessed Tobias Hübinette as mentally disturbed.


More on Expo here (Swedish):


And Roberto Muehlenkamp wants me to ‘hand over my true identity’ to them? Using rational thought such an endeavour wouldn’t be a very good idea.

To end this reply to Roberto Muehlenkamp, I say: anyone can see for themselves that Muehlenkramp is not only damned stupid, but also irrational.



k0nsl is a programmer, server administrator, designer, moderator, spokesman and factotum of a wide-variety of web pages. You can reach k0nsl via e-mail — i.am@k0nsl.org.

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