The Awaited Debunking of Holocaust Controversies

I found this announcement via Charles Traynor at RODOH, but I did get the news item already in my mailbox this morning and I instantly shared it with my friends. I will re-post the announcement on my blog.
The early version of this work — which I engulfed several months ago — counted some 1480 pages, not counting the appendix. So enjoy, friends!

The long awaited revisionist rebuttal of the HC crews Operation Reinhard White Paper has just been released.

In late 2011, several members of the exterminationist Holocaust Controversies blog published a 570 page-long online study titled Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard. With it they claim to refute three revisionist monographs on these three alleged extermination camps.

This lengthy orthodox critique has forced the criticized revisionist authors to get back to the drawing board. Finally, after 20 months of arduous work by both the authors and the peer reviewers and editors involved, the results has finally been released to the public as a 1554 pages long PDF file!

This work has occupied the most knowledgeable revisionists for a year and more. It has led to the postponement of numerous other projects, including a number of other books of the Holocaust Handbooks series slated for publication. Today’s leading revisionists consider this their ultimate response and final word on the subject. (And we all should hope so, because what would be next: a study comprising 5,000 pages?)

This definitive revisionist work on the alleged extermination camps of the so-called “Aktion Reinhardt” reveals in hundreds of cases that the Holocaust Controversies bloggers have plagiarized many sources and that many, if not most of their factual claims are mere conjectures, distortions, falsifications, hypocrisies, lies, misrepresentations, unfounded speculations, and blatant omissions of facts.

You can read more about this book here at CODOH – AND you can download this gargantuan work there as well – for free, of course, as usual.

Read the actual rebuttal in PDF:

It is game over for the ‘intellectual midgets’, that’s to say: Harrison, Muehlenkamp, Myers, Romanov and Terry


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