Collaborative Project: Holocaust “Eyewitnesses”

I had this thought today about compiling a page on the most absurd “eyewitnesses”, in all arenas of the Holocaust, not just for the absurdly claimed “gas chambers” 

But for this I would like to request help. Sort of like a collaborative project. Everyone who contribute will of course be mentioned in the credits of the page where it will ultimately be published – with name, moniker or pseudonym, that’s your choice.

My only request is that each contribution must be properly referenced with source(s). That’s all.

All contributions can be sent via e-mail to:

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OR, to keep your anonymity, send them as commentary to this post. Or ask somebody who isn’t so concerned about anonymity.

It’s unnecessary though, seeing as I do not reveal private details.

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Yes I am absolutely aware of other compilations – Greg Raven had some sweet ones on his site (apparently its defunct but I have it saved, original source – not fetched, but original. I’ll maybe ask him if I can set up a mirror for it).

I’m looking to create something along the lines of this:

But more broad, to cover the entire spectacle, and perhaps with more commentary, albeit in minimal format so as to not distract from the incredible stories. That’s incredible as in:


Farmer: “I see pigs flying”


Joe Schmoe: “That’s incredible!”


You or me: “Pigs can’t fly.”


You get the point 

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