“Hitler Order” finally found?

Hold your breath my friends! The Holy Grail appears to have been found — at least that seems to be the stance of THE Wiesenthal Center (ya, that one). The folks at the Wiesenthal Center is going absolutely crazy over a document (that has been public knowledge for many, many years), and it mentions removal of Jews as early as 1919. They construe this to mean “extermination”. Hitler’s earliest reference for the future “Holocaust”, they say. Read more:



But of course they are wrong again. “Entfernung der Juden” simply means “removal of Jews” and that was the public stance of the NSDAP. Hitler wanted them removed from Germany, he wanted them out of Germany. That is not a secret.

But to construe this as meaning “extermination” is simply pathologically insane 

I felt that a real fast comment from me was needed at this site:


I always take a screenshot of my comments because whenever you disagree with Holocaust Promoters (or Holocaust Enforcers, rather) they try to silence you. Suppression and jailing people is how they like to operate — they fear open debate.

As with this news article on the “CNN Belief Blog” we again run into your typical hateful “Holocaust Believer”, this one calls himself Scott (scott H, to be more precise) and he furiously writes:

There is some real filth out there as I read some of the comments. any comparison is ludicrous, and insane at best. Just provoking a response-unless they are real, and they are animals and should be hearded with the rest of their arab filth and muslim sympathizers into a true holocaust. lets nuke every arab capital–at least then they will clean themselves.

There you have it. Another one of those pious Holocaust Believers, and they are saying we’re the haters? They keep shooting themselves in the foot each and every time they make a push for the belief which is so dear to them…so precious to them that they dream of “herding us and our sympathizers into a true holocaust”. Scott forgot one thing, he did not capitalize the H in Holocaust – according to Andrew E. Mathis and his friends this constitutes Anti-Semitism, I’ve been accused of that because sometimes I forget too.

The folks at the Wiesenthal Center must be suffering of delusions grandeur, because this letter only confirms the position held by Holocaust Revisionists. One could say that they were foisted on their own petard. 

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