New Hardware for Development Box

I’ve bought some new hardware items for my development / programming (coding) box because it was in horrible need for upgrades in these sectors: PSU (power supply), memory (now eight gigabytes) and a new chassis.

I already did add a OCZ SSD hard drive for the main partition which sped up everything considerably, I’m in fact very happy with that SSD. But I need two more, for RAID array.  :tounge:

The OCZ Modstream is quite enough for my development box. I had a ModXStream with the blue led fan some years back and it never failed me despite the system being heavily overclocked.

And this PSU seems to be reliable too.  The dev-test box is only overclocked moderately, it’s enough within my marginals because I don’t need it to be super-fast (although it feels super-fast despite the system being highly encrypted, running two anti-viruses consistently along with a firewall and all sorts of other useful applications).
Oh and I’m a multi-tasking person, you won’t believe how much stuff I have open at the same time. I can be coding in Bluefish, and then tab to Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5 for spiffing up a logo or something like that, upload a batch of files in FileZilla, three different browsers open for dev-purposes and Chrome with 15+ tabs, Deskino, PuTTy, and after that I may switch to NovaBench for some tests:

NovaBench Score

Test run on May 2, 2012 at 20:28
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Intel Intel Core2 Q6600 2.40GHz running at 3248 MHz

AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series GPU

Et cetera. So I am doing very much, very fast.

I also bought a Celeron purely for overclocking the living crap out of it. The capacitors on the motherboard and in the PSU screeched horribly, or some other component which I forget the name of right now (I know it in a foreign language but what’s the point of posting that? And no, I can’t be bothered to translate it either as I am in a big, big, big hurry right now!)

Over and out, friends and foes.


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