Google Presence for Holocaust Believer

It looks as if my blog is topping on Google for the following query:

It’s rightfully tough being a Holocaust Believer in 2012! We live, for the most part, in societies and communities that are void from superstition with a mindset based on scientific evaluation rather than belief in the irrational, illogic and superstitious — to be sure, all three interconnect with the “Holocaust”.

But as seen in this entry: [The desperate face of a “Holocaust” Believer]

The typical Holocaust Believer cannot defend his belief rationally, his only recourse being ad hominem and desperation.

Now, on the topic of Holocaust Believers I was confronted by one today. His name must have been Dan judging by the looks of the username which he had in the exchange between us. This person accused me of this:


You’re doing a pretty good job so far at making people believe your really don’t think the Holocaust happened.


Face-palm! In the mind of the Holocaust Believer even a Denier is a Believer, albeit in covert. The worst part of it all was that Dan did say this in a totally sincere way, i.e no trolling. Need I say more?

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