Google pours money into Israeli startups

I keep seeing and hearing about various start-ups being promoted and even funded by Google, all the time. Nothing wrong with that, though. Just last week they helped fund a new start-up project in Israel.

Describing Google’s own start-up, they wrote:

In 1998, when Larry and Sergey founded Google, we were a start-up in a garage. In many ways, we remain a start-up at heart


They keep howling on & on about helping Israel and funding start-up-projects in Israel; but they always without fail, forget to mention arguably the most successful start-up in modern history – that of Konrad Zuse.

In an essay entitled “German Accomplishments” Mr. Frederics inquires:

Did you know that Konrad Zuse, a German electronics engineer invented the first mechanical computer in 1936? That this self-same Konrad Zuse developed the first fully functioning electronic computer in 1941? That he did it by himself? That he did it without governmental help or even prodding? That he accomplished this incredible feat on his own, with his his own funds in his garage? His motivation? He was tired of spending countless hours figuring out complex mathematical equations.

Did you know that Zuse’s computer was destroyed during one of the first British air raids on a strictly civilian population center in 1941, long before a German airplane appeared over Britain, while Hitlers government was still vainly trying to come to an agreement with the Churchill government on Dowing Street # 10?

Did you know that Zuse’s name is practically unknown to today’s computer people, that the fact that the computer is for all intents and purposes a German invention is unknown?


Now, I am not the only one having raised concern about supporting start-ups in Israel. Josteink [see note #4] at Hacker News wrote:

Why would anyone here support a fundamentally racist, oppressive de-facto apartheid occupying state which is about to commit genocide?

Especially considering the above average intelligence I presume people here to have.

Israel needs to be boycotted, globally. Not supported. Not in any way. Not in the slightest.


The majority of comments on Hacker News were overwhelmingly against supporting start-ups in Israel. As I replied there, I fully agree with such a notion – that we shouldn’t support start-ups there, much less anything else that enriches Israel in any manner.

Israel is a horrible artificial speck on the map, they’re doing everything they ever accused the Germans of doing.





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