Gondor & The Workstation

I’m just posting two pictures, one of Gondor: my pit bull puppy, I also named one of my servers “Gondor”, see http://gondor.holocaust-news.com – that server has been online since 67 days approximately. You could say I’m a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and his works, and naturally the “filmatization” of his works, or some of it 

So that’s the reason I named my puppy to Gondor – I always got a good feeling when reading or watching stuff that associated itself with this Gondor. My Gondor is also good – almost four months old now, and I train him every day with the hope that he becomes equally good as my other dog, who is now eleven years old – that dog is so well-trained you couldn’t imagine it  :mrgreen:

Ya, ya. I’ll post the pics.

That’s my new pit bull puppy “Gondor”:


Here’s the workstation, my main box, which I use when coding and testing stuff, doing all sorts of development and running absolutely everything on.

Keep in mind that I have not done the cable-management yet so everything looks crap. I’m far from done with this box, it’s so rudimentary now that I feel shame posting a pic of it, but I just have to anyway.

One more thing: I will order, probably early in the morning, a new motherboard and one of those sleek watercooling kits from Corsair, or whichever is the best – I have to inform myself on that matter a bit more…I do have regular watercooling parts too, some which used to be the best of the best! Thermochill radiator (the biggest one), a Storm CPU block and lot’s  of other stuff. But they are getting outdated now and it’s so practical with these little kits that many companies are now offering for very cheap prices too. For my purposes a kit like the Intel Liquid Cooler is probably the best one, although some company, I forget which one, is coming out with an alternative to all that are available now.

I was thinking about something like that on the picture above. It’s Intel’s liquid cooling solution, I need something like that as I will be pressing this system to the absolute limits each day with demanding tasks. I am going to check out other makers/companies too; perhaps I can modify it and replace their radiator with my Thermochill PA 120.3  :lol:

That’d be quite sweet I think.


A new motherboard is a must, because this one was too wimpy and feature limited. But it was just a budget board so that I could grasp this “new” tech (socket 2011) –  it’s new to me friends! Because I’ve been running socket 775 up until two weeks ago when I finally bought this one and started building new boxes again after a long “time-out” so to speak  :neutral:

This post was written in haste so I apologize for any grammatical errors it may contain.

Right, I’M OUT.


Happy days!

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