Golden Dawn: The Beacon of Light in Greece

Despite the original rubbish title set by SBS Dateline (“Thug Politics”) — which I have changed accordingly — this broadcast is very interesting. Also, one merely has to shrug off what that ignorant tart says in the very beginning of the video; what truly matters in this broadcast is the positive spirit of the Greeks and what the Greeks has to say.



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  1. The only truly desperate ones in this video must be those leftist ‘puppet Greeks’ who tries to tarnish the reputation of the only true force to be reckoned with in Greece — Golden Dawn.

    I wish all the best to Greece and the Greeks. They are not alone in this struggle.

  2. Golden Dawn is described as ‘extremist’ by one of the commentators. Extremist to what? The normalancy of the judaic degeneracy we call the EU?

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