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Hello friends,

I found this old message from one of my comrades — Gerard Frederics — and it is a message to Frances Harrison, a correspondent for BBC London, and I do not think it has ever been published anywhere else. Personally I have always liked Gerry’s way of telling it like it is, and I should say I’ve learned a lot from him.

So without further ado I’ll post the message. It concerns Harrison’s sewer-reportage of the Holocaust Conference in Tehran 2006. Many have often described BBC as being objective, but not on matters such as the alleged Holocaust. Clearly not.

Attention Frances Harrison, BBC London correspondent Teheran Iran — For someone, ANYONE of the BBC to sanctimoniuously blabber on about freedom of speech, holocaust denial, etc. ad nauseam is ludicrous. Your network is forever tainted, having employed possibly the filthiest of all filthy propagandists of all time, Sefton Delmer and having aided and abetted Anti-German hatred (since the BBC´s inception) of a sort which is positively repulsive. Your article, or rather hatchet job about the conference in Teheran is journalistic puke, no more. Not ONE, single solitary argument has been made that any of the attendees lied, or told a falsehood of any sort. The fact that many people present sported impressive academic credentials (how many doctorates do you have? How many languages do you command? How much independent research have you done?) was totally ignored. e.g., Professor Faurisson, a noted French scholar and internationally renowned academic from Lyon University was referred to as ´a man from France´. Who the hell do you think you are, you massively uneducated, arrogant, ill-informed malicious child of a nation with more blood on its hands than any other in history? Dr. Töben of Australia, who has done more research on this matter than a million of your tripe, was ignored, even though his career was ruined and spent time in prison for so-called THOUGHT crimes. The fact that many experts in the field did not attend because they are incarcerated for telling the unvarnished, documented truth was ignored. The fact that MANY others still (such as Carlos Mattogno from Italy, Carlos Porter from Belgium) did not attend because they feared for their safety or even their lives, was assiduously ignored. Tell me Harrison, what kind of people risk going to prison, risk having their careers and marriages destroyed and their bank accounts plundered OUT OF CONVICTION and a NEED to live by the truth? People with a million times the conviction, the guts, the plain-out balls than crawling shabbas goyim like you, men and women who make their living by the lie, by doing hatchet jobs, that´s the description of somebody like yourself! Do you know what is really depressing Harrison? That certifiable scum like you make a hell of a living burying those who are decent and honorable. That is quasi Delmeresque, to coin a term.

Gerry Frederics, Santiago Chile


People like Frances Harrison needs to hear things like this. I try to do the same whenever I stumble onto something that I can’t ignore.




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