German Shepherds Equipped with Poison Fangs

Following in the trail of “Mr. K” (the Jewish man who told us about electrical masturbation devices in Auschwitz) I’ve been able to locate the tale of another interesting crime heaped upon the Germans — equipping German Shepherds with poison fangs for use in the alleged extermination of Jews, or merely for sports to torture Jews. One must use Jewish logic here and disregard medical science; the German shepherds must clearly have been immune to this poison and thus isolated to only target ethnic Jews, or religious Jews. How this is possible one doesn’t know, medical science must be disregarded. It is considered ‘callous’ to invoke the medical science canard according to Holocaust Enforcers and Holocaust Believers, see?

So I bring you “Mr. G”, he tells us this:

SS German Shepherd dogs, belonging to the commander of the SS-Obersturmführer Rosenbaum, was equipped with a special poison on their teeth; “Mr. G” and a Jewish-American watchmaker had to run [and] the dogs had to chase after to bite them. Afterwards they examined the wounds and their blood. A doctor ripped the flesh from their legs and examined it. Well, that’s enough says “Mr. G” and legs it and never looked back (except for money). All this was done in a spa town not far from Krakow.

“Mr. G” says he developed cancer from the poison fangs that stung him. More than likely his one and only [alleged] injury in the foot was from having marched or walking for a longer period of time in bad shoes, in bad weather, and the cancer is more than likely just something which developed itself naturally or from his smoking, or whatever other habits the man had.

But we must believe his story about those German shepherds equipped with deadly poison fangs; it could be against the law not to. Therefore, as a security measure: before disbelieving his story it might be wise to call your local Police office and ask them whether or not it constitutes a crime to drop the belief in “Mr. G’s” tale. The Police always knows best, right?

Personally — if you ask this writer — I do not find his story to be the slightest credible. The tale would actually be quite funny had it not been for the fact that these people extort huge amounts of money with tales such as these.

And really, what does it tell us about the Jew; denigrating the Deutscher Schäferhund…? 

Here is the replete tale of “Mr. G” in his own words:

“[In] 1940-1941 we were living in Krakow, Poland. The Nazis started to build the ghetto. My father finds a house in the province, in between Krakow and Zakopane. The village is called Rabka. This happened because we did not want to go to the ghetto. The SS and the Gestapo robbed all of our possessions from the villa we lived in. And they took us along. I, 20 years [old] at that time, resist, and as a result I was subjected to medical experiments.

What I am about to write you have not heard or read before, as follows: Me and a Jewish American (a watchmaker, passport from the USA) were subjected to medical experiments. SS German Shepherd dogs, belonging to the commander of the SS Obersturmfuehrer Rosenbaum, with a special poison on their teeth … we had to run [and] the dogs had to chase us. Afterwards they examined our wounds, the blood. A doctor … ripped the flesh of my legs and examined it. After some time I was able to escape. First to a peasant in a village—afterwards to friends of mine in Krakow. There my wounded legs started healing. As a result of this experiment (the dog bite and the poison) my whole left foot was ripped apart and during the course of the years I developed wounds and cancer. During August 1962 and November 1962 I was operated [on] in the cancer institute and was treated in Gliwice in Poland. …My good parents were shot in the summer of 1942 under the supervision of SS Obersturmfuehrer Rosenbaum and were buried in the mass grave in Rabka.”

Extraordinary, huh. Do not fret, there are loads of stories that over-shadows this one. One can rely on the Jews to tell a good story!

[box type=”warning”]Since 1952, the German government has paid more than $70 billion for claimed suffering and alleged losses during the “Holocaust” because of Claims Conference “negotiations”.[/box]



  •  Claims Conference: Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (

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