Gee, when I broke into this computer…

In 2003 I “broke” into a computer (over the Internet) and the person was a drug dealer. How do I know this? Well, I saw everything he did on his computer. This dimwit of a nutroll even had the names and addresses of his clients in a neatly produced document tucked away on his HDD.

I recorded a bunch of photographs via his webcam. I remember this part so well: the nitwit drug dealer had started to become suspicious after I made a small mistake thus revealing that something obviously wasn’t all-right with his computer, so he calls in somebody who tries to fix it–but can’t. So the guy who was supposed to fix his computer calls somebody else to come over there to fix it 

This isn’t speculation on my part because I could also hear these guys talk via the microphone which was turned on via his computer he he.

It’s especially funny when the person grooms himself with a pair of sunglasses to shield himself from the webcam (why didn’t he just disable the webcam?)

Here comes a couple of photographs of this drug dealing “gangster”:

(The quality and resolution is piss poor but one has to keep in mind that this was in 2003 and the gangster’s webcam was probably junk)

Here he looks a bit…“um, someone’s in my compruder!”

Continue viewing the entire gallery – enjoy 

I also saved (automatically) his IM-conversations but one must be a certified codebreaker to understand half of it:

.:FOCUSED WINDOW: 8:26:45 PM-9/26/2003:.SuPeRzEBra8806Instant Messages
hmdaay jst got beter
ian cald em..
but i didnt talk to him cuz i wasnt home
he called y house an i wa unavaiable adn ten he called my cell phoegn heytori itse.. ijsut called o say h and that i miss u.. dont alcall this numbac cuz its my frindscellphne buti’ll see if i can call u lata on or tomororw… i love u n mis
ah im so happy!
cuz i been reallly downatel….an paranoid
nuttin..i juis ia
i wasnt really m self..this wek

This somehow reminds me of the post: The desperate face of a “Holocaust” Believer.

Happy times.

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