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Hi friends !

I decided to let people have their own blog here at but I think the solution I found isn’t the best, and the other ones available are even more vulnerable in their design — and some of them even wish for loads of money, which can in some respect be understandable depending on what service they offer.

The ideal concept is of course to let users signup and give them minimal access to CPanel (severely restricted) + pre-installed copy of WordPress (or some other blogsystem that is less prone to vulnerabilities–but with the configuration I had in mind it’s all based on PHP, so…!) along with a subdomain of their choice. I am looking into such options too, but as I say: they are poorly designed and I don’t have much faith in them (security wise)! However, should I stumble upon something that is really well-made I’ll give it a toss and see 

You can however try this and see what you think of it: (get your own free blog)

It’s currently directory-based, no subdomain. I could probably add this in a few minutes but I’m still looking into some other alternatives.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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