Fedora 18 “Spherical Cow” Released

Fedora 18 has finally been released and here are the highlights:

The firewall daemon firewalld will be the default firewall solution for Fedora 18, replacing system-config-firewall. Using firewalld will allow for application of policy changes without reloading, allowing connection states to stay unbroken when rules are changed.

UEFI Secure Boot will be supported in Fedora 18. This will allow Fedora to boot on systems that have Secure Boot enabled. Tools are available for administrators to create custom certificates to sign local changes to GRUB or the kernel.

Fedora 18 adds FedFS, a mechanism to provide a coherent namespace across multiple file servers.

Fedora 18 includes Samba4, which provides improved cross-platform file server support.

The X.org server has been rewritten to support ‘hot’ plugging and unplugging of GPUs. Specifically, this allows Fedora to provide better support for USB connected graphics devices exposed by many modern systems and laptop docking stations. The user is no longer required to restart the X.org server for such devices to be recognised.

And more…see:

You can download it via k0nsl.org, see:

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