Doug Christie Suspends Law Practice, Very Sick

It saddens me a great deal to learn that Mr. Christie is very ill. This man has constantly been vilified for simply defending men for their basic right of freedom to speak his mind as dictated by nature, no laws should be permitted to obstruct this basic right.

Mr. Christie is such a good man and deserves our support in his time of need. I have attached to this post an very old, old interview, the first part, with Doug Christie on Samisdat’s (or Zündel’s) Voice of Freedom show, where Mr. Christie talks about freedom of speech and other vital issues that affects us all.


Undoubtedly the finest constitutional and civil rights lawyer of his generation in Canada, Christie is known for his exceptional defenses of Ernst Zündel, Jim Keegstra, Malcolm Ross, Imre Finta and many other persecuted dissidents in Canada – and even the octogenarian, aristocratic Lady Birdwood in England. Under constant threat by busybodies in various law societies, usually the target of Jewish Holocaust Lobbyist complaints, Christie has frequently been intimidated during the Zündel trials by judges who threatened him with contempt of court when he called their arbitrary decisions into question. He is hated by all enemies of freedom, by many groveling politicians and the intellectual prostitutes in the Canadian media establishment. Christie has headed the Zündel legal defense team for over 15 years.



Via e-mail by Paul Fromm and The FreedomSite Blog.

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