Successfully Diverted An DMCA Notice

Ha, for the first time in my life one of those morons who kept sending me DMCA notices actually listened to what I wrote back. Sweet, thanks for not filling my inbox with more useless shit Mr. Siddiqui [and Attributor]!

Siddiqui wanted me to remove some stuff written by Stieg Larsson which I would have done because quite frankly I hate his work, but others may find a like for it. We’re all different, right? So I keep this stuff. In any case, I told Mr. Siddiqui:

Dear Siddiqui,

It is not against the law to index this material. The link is furthermore only a mirror thus not residing on my server.

Please stop sending this, I will list it only as spam in the future.


To which he responded:

Thank you for the update. We were unaware that the link in question
was simply a mirror for another site. We have updated the information
for so that take down notices should no longer be sent for
links which are simply mirrors of another site.

Thank you,

Thanks for listening. They usually send this junk all the time (well others still do but luckily this one stopped it). Besides, I don’t care much for such notices. They’re merely annoying 

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