The digging of the huge graves at Treblinka

The digging of the huge graves, 50mx25mx10m as per Wiernik, and how it was supposedly done is one of the ‘fantastic’ parts of this story, but Turnagain has that covered:

Sure, and CS-C found some bones in a cemetery and declared that proof that a million people were murdered with CO and burned to nothing but smoke and ashes. Uh-huh, now that’s real credibility for you. Has she offered her GPR printouts of the site for examination? If not, why not? Did she “find” her pit like she “found” her bones? CS-C emoting over an unmarked grave in a cemetery isn’t science. It doesn’t even qualify as junk science. That’s just theater and poor theater at that. Note that Krege wasn’t allowed to excavate. Note also that the top layers of soil shown in Krege’s GPR printout is a different pattern than the uniform pattern shown below the near surface patterns. What both Krege and CS-C DIDN’T find was a mass grave big enough to hold even one tenth of bodies as claimed by you hoaxers.

As far as the graves ever existing I say no. The dragline couldn’t have done it alone and Wiernik makes no mention of laborers helping to dig the graves. He records in detail the work he and other prisoners are force to do and he makes no mention of work crews helping to dig the graves. Now here you are trying to change the official narrative because the official holyhoax story has once again proven impossible.

“…graves cannot have ever existed.” Again, you try for a sly lie. Again, you get called on it. If the graves as described by Wiernik ever existed then they still exist and are as visible to GPR as are clouds in the sky to the human eye. The graves, given the area necessary for the stockpiles, would have taken up an area of at least 4-5 acres yet CS-C found no trace of such pits. Her refuse pit was “3 and perhaps as much as 4 meters deep in places.” Even if the refuse pit was a perfect rectangle with a uniform depth of 4 meters that is only about 1,700 cubic meters. If the volume of her other pits were to triple that volume there would still only be about 5,100 cubic meters available to bury at least 500,000 bodies. That’s 98 cadavers per cubic meter. That’s also total bullshit. You can’t fit 98 people into one (1) cubic meter. Until CS-C or someone can prove the existence of graves of sufficient volume to contain at least 500,000 cadavers the discovery of broken tiles and other such detritus represents nothing but junk.

A few side issues: We are told that from July 22 to October 3,1940, 310,000 Jews were transported to Treblinka. And since we are ordered to believe that all of them were murdered, at least one of the graves must have been dug already by July 22. Who did it? The machines could not have, where did the slave labor come from, where were they housed, how long did it take?

Also, only one shower-room, pardon, “gas chamber” existed at that time. Wiernik tells us that construction of the ten new ones started at around the end of August, lasting 5 weeks (chapter 4; 7). So, almost half of the total were allegedly killed in one chamber, why build more?

Only a True Believer can Believe this.

Wilf Heink

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I will attach the following text to this post by ‘Lewishjiars’:

The Krege study is very interesting in that it is absolutely unambiguous in its findings. Engineer Krege published preliminary results promising more extensive evidence that, not only was there no evidence of mass grave volume of sufficient magnitude to contain 700,000 corpses, there was no evidence of even a single grave or corpse. Krege suggested that Treblinka was a pristine example of rural Poland.
Subsequently, Krege enjoyed a brief period of celebrity among thoughtful, open-minded individuals, and then quite suddenly, he disappeared. His promised, detailed study never became available, and the market on Treblinka forensics was surrendered to the establishment hired propagandist, Dr C S-C.

It is my suspicion that Richard Krege, like all critical witnesses in the evolving Holo-tale, was subjected to nefarious pressures.

It would certainly be quite bizarre for a man to make such bold claims as Krege if he could not back them up. Why would anyone do such a thing that would guarantee humiliation and ruin? The only sensible explanation would be that Krege did not foresee that his family and loved ones would be threatened.

This is not a paranoid or extreme allegation. Revisionist literature recognizes that torture, threats and bribery are the central resources on which the Holo-tale has always been dependent. We know that Hoess was brutally tortured, as was Eichmann. Why would tactics of intimidation and brutality suddenly cease to be used?

It is my belief that the story of Richard Krege only makes sense if he was manipulated, by powerful representatives of deception, to abandon his truthful research.


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