Did the World get what They promised?

This year marks 60 years after the end of WWII. The end for all nations except for Germany, for Germany and the German people have not gotten their peace agreement with their wartime adversaries;  when will the peace agreement be signed, and when will Germany be truly free again?  I wonder.

After the National Socialists, henceforth NS, got political power in Germany in 1933,  the international attacks began on the party and their leader, Adolf Hitler. Nearly every western newspaper attacked the politics of NS Germany in spite of the fact that Hitler and his Germany flourished in every imaginable respect, whilst the rest of the world was in a great depression.  The NS and Hitler were compared to everything from varmints, to cholera, the Black Death plague, which continued remorselessly throughout Europe in the middle of the 14th century, taking out more than one half of the population. Yet,  the attacks not only continued, but grew considerably stronger and stronger until it ended up in a war.

None of the young soldiers lured into war by their political leaders from UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and USA, knew the real truth about Germany. These young men were fed the most erroneous, vile and hateful propaganda that the war mongers could scheme up. These young patriots believed that they were going to fight, and possibly be killed, to save the world from tyranny and bring freedom and democracy to the world, which could only come about when and only  Hitler and his NS Germany fell . Only then could the world move on to a better and higher level – a level without “dictatorship and aggression”.

In WWII the Bolsheviks, international bankers, reactionaries, and especially the Jews, all against freedom and democracy, collectively joined in a concerted effort to beat Hitler and the Germans, so they became collaborators in spite of their  different political philosophies. They soon discovered their “common enemy” and joined forces, including the USSR. It is unbelievable that these groups, supposedly so far apart in their ideologies could find one common course. And they did! Bolshevism and Communism is based on the Talmud — everything belongs to the Jews. Doesn’t every ‘bible’ say so???   And another interpretation in the early centuries was the idea that usury, the loaning of money for interest, was considered sinful, only the Jews were free to loan money at high interests, at times as high as 64%. Of course, these were false and cruel interpretations. Then came the International bankers.

Throughout the last 300 years all reactionaries have been freemasons, which again is based on the concept of Judaism. So, once  you can understand this, it is easily seen that these groups had to find each other when the “Oberjuden”, Top Jews, demanded it. When the filter of simple truth is applied, however, everything boils down to one single issue: the pathological desire of certain interested parties to destroy Adolf Hitler and his Ideals. In other words, World War II was nothing more than a war for Jewish interests.

So, what kind of world did the victors of 1945 actually give the people on earth? Clad in a cloak of pretense, this unholy alliance promised that there would be a far, far better world — a world of freedom and democracy, a world without fear and want, a world in which good would triumph over evil. Just how sincere were their pronouncements?  Take a good look.

For six decades now, there has been constant chaos in every corner of the world; that’s the kind of world that exists today.  A world as designated through the United Nations that can best be judged by the rape, pillage, ethnic cleansing, torture, kangaroo courts with show -off trials, and the slaughter of millions throughout Europe and the rest of the world which followed the great “liberation” !

For starters, the world has seen an endless series of conflicts, beginning with the Korean War, and then Vietnam, which was never called a war although countless thousands of lives were wantonly wasted. Then followed the Cold War, with its massive expenditures and squandering of material and human resources. All during this period were the countless uprisings in Africa. Now they have given us another new war in the  name of freedom and democracy to rid the Middle East of Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction,  which were never found. And more recent, after forcing Syria out of Lebanon, a new flair up started at the Syrian and Iraqi border. All this is part of an open-end crusade on behalf of Jewish interests in the Middle East, Africa, and worldwide.

We  have been introduced to a Godless society, based on the perfection of man, and forced upon most of the unsuspecting world.  We face  environmental devastation caused by pollution and a rat-race consumerism. They have altered the national demography and foisted the joys of integration, self-destruction through ethnically mixed marriages, and sensitivity training—doing that which makes you feel good about yourself. Do not forget Affirmative Action, minority quotas,  Black History and not in the least—The Holocaust.                              

They have given us a self-fixation through permissiveness, drugs, MTV, and the teaching  of safe sex to young children . They have given us rock ‘n roll and rape counselling centers. Their teachings have given us “alternative lifestyles”; sodomy, filth, perversion, chaos, crime, corruption, the dumb downing of the education of children, and insanity of every kind, all to the end result in teenage suicide.

No,  Hitler can NOT be blamed  for the sort of world we see and live in today. We CAN only blame “our” own politicians who caved in to the propaganda of the powerful Jews and their inhuman lust of blood and war. The victors of 1945 fought to destroy Hitler and the political ideals he had for Germany and Europe. Because his political ideas where not the same as the thought of the top Jew, they had to destroy him and his Germany before they could  perpetrate their plans of  tyranny and slavery on the rest of the world — not freedom and democracy.  If you look around the world, their form of tyranny and slavery is steadily creeping in, and its momentum increasing nearly daily. This is what they have created  after World War II, and for this they must be held accountable. They have made the “Bread and Circuses” from the olden days of the Roman Empire look meek by comparison.

Everything taking place about the globe today is linked to the outcome of that great conflict which took place over half a century ago in the  year 1945 — the last great victory, or was it defeat, of the Old World Order —was a defining moment in history that decided the kind of world we have now entered. This causal condition can never be altered until that fact is generally recognized and we have the moral fortitude to come to grips with it.

In reassessing the Second World war, we can come to but one conclusion:  The western world fought on the wrong side!  And the willingness to admit this simple fact is the necessary first step for any national or ethnic recovery. Back in 1959 there was a man who did have the courage to recognize this fact and who did realize that we had, indeed, fought on the wrong side of World War II.. He was a former U.S. naval commander and decorated veteran of that war, George Lincoln Rockwell. And exactly 40 years after that Hitler first raised the banner of his party in Germany, this great apostle was to raise the fallen standard anew. It is an example to all of us to recognize.

Although the military phase of the National Socialist struggle ended in 1945, the war declared by world Jewry in 1933 has not ended for Germany, but continues in many new and different ways. Today this enemy’s pathological pursuit of its messianic designs continues to wage war against the  Christian and Islamic world. And this time we have an opportunity to be on the right side.

What now?

The opportunity and the  possibility to take back our world still exists. We must rise against those forcing a New World Order and its lackeys.   In USA and other free nations, the taking back of power can be made through their elections, and by demanding that their elected officials and  politicians stand by their Constitutions. It will take the USA a LONG time to regain its freedoms  over the powerful political scene there. The top Jew will not lay down their power gain without a struggle. The citizens of USA must find their way to elect men who are steadfast to their constitution and republic form of government. For Europe the way to self-rule is easier – here the citizens of each country need a man of strong integrity to lead a new nationalistic movement.

But MOST important is that all citizens in the western world agree not to allow the One Worlders, or to financially support them, to start another war between nations like they did in WWI and WWII — we do not need World War III to bring freedom to all the world; all we need is to let the nations of the world live within their own bounds and the people living in these nations must be left to their own devices…only after we have ridden the world of  the evil forces can free people live in peace and prosperity.

In America, in the early 1950’s,  Jack O’Brien, a sincere and truthful journalist, said: “Those born after the Franklin Roosevelt era, have not idea what real freedom is.” Walter Lippmann, another journalist with leftist leanings said: “The problem with the American people is that they don’t see the danger until it hits them in the face.”

Aristotle’s logical writings were in four types of inquiry:  Whether, What, How, and Why!  Now is the time to start thinking.

The seeds of yesterday are the flowers of tomorrow….

In closing, and in the face of outright lies and audacity, we can overcome by spreading the truths, and much louder….so please help by sending this message to your friends, and those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world.

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Randulf Johan Hansen



Dated: 7/9/05

Edited by k0nsl.


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