devNET forums ‘partially’ cleaned up

I spent one hour or so cleaning up the devNET forum so that it gives a better impression with the outcome that people might consider using it one day.
I tried getting my clients to use it for support questions instead of e-mailing me or using the ticket system, but they never use it, nor do they submit much tickets, and barely any e-mails from them with any questions. Nothing on Skype either. That might be a good thing, though. No issues. They’re happy. That is what I deduct from it
I have very little to say lately to everybody right now. It’s one of those times again where everything feels like I’m trapped in a hamster wheel. Same routines every day, more or less, and nothing is of particular interest to me. I know why that is so, and those who know me do too. At such times I’ve even got issues slapping together a couple of paragraphs of text with any sort of meaningful message. Mogigraphia FTW!

So until that goes away, which it will, I will just do my regular routines and my daily duties. I invite anybody (in particular my friendly clients) to join the forum and perhaps make it a community again, as it was in 2003 and onwards…

The addy is

That’s it. Over and out.

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