My “devbox” is not so bad afterall

I’ve spent the night here trying to improve my development box, the main box I use for mostly coding-related tasks, and design of web pages, etc,.

So far so good. It got very hot at first because the voltages on the CPU and NB were way too high (I loaded a old overclock-profile in the BIOS that I had saved he he). But I lowered the voltages and now it seems to work great – much more snappier!

The only thing I should focus on now is to optimize the memory because I know that must be done, a lot of can be done in that sector.

Here’s the temps when I, BY ACCIDENT, had way too much voltage:










Some paragraphs below you’ll see my  screenie of a SuperPI run I did tonight, I think the result is perfectly OK considering the specs of this machine. Keep in mind this is a very old Windows installation, with multiple antiviruses, firewall and a encrypted main system + boot, and a host of other things which surely must make things slower…

But really, I kind of ask myself why I bought a completely new system just a day ago or so because this box is so fast I don’t really need another box–I have five boxes that I do misc work on, I kind of regret it because a new system is a lot of dollores  :grin:

Sure, I know what you think! It’s so fun with new stuff especially computer hardware. I went with the new LGA1155 specification: the processor I bought was the Core i7-2600K. I can post specifics about the new system in the coming days, and with much more details. I have not played with it much at all since I got it a couple of days ago, in fact – I have not even unboxed all of the components!  :oops:

So you see, I’m quite busy. In any other case I’d have ripped the boxes open when I got inside the door of my house he he   :tounge:





















Here’s the specs / overclock info:



























That’s it for now. I’ve gotta code some more before I sleep for three hours, then I’m going up for work in the woods – me and my trusty ballbreaker (ax)  :smile:

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