Zyklon-B was a fumigant. It wasn’t a practical agent for mass murder.

A big deal is made by the Holocaust Promotion Lobby about all the many invoices they have found for a delousing compound. So what? Lice which carried deadly diseases like typhus were a horrific sanitation problem during WW II for friend and enemy alike. As a matter of fact, refugees and soldiers alike were routinely and periodically deloused. (And, by the way, their hair was shorn as well to make delousing easier).

The German Army, the SS, German civilian companies, hospitals, factories, ships, what have you – all used this Zyklon B compound during the war to get rid of vermin. All of them were issued invoices. The German Wehrmacht had stacks and stacks of them. Does that mean the German Army killed all of its own soldiers? Nonsense!

Zyklon B was a very effective means for killing vermin used for many armies, including the US Army, well into the 1970s. Even more to the point, and even more telling, is the fact that there are lots of invoices for Zyklon B for concentration camps like Oranienburg and Theresienstadt,

where no one claims people were gassed.

All these “incriminating” invoices, whether for the Army or the civilian concentration camps, prove only one thing: The Germans wanted to save lives – even their enemies’ lives – by killing lice and other vermin.

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Ernst Zündel

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