Tonight Jews around the world will be gathering to celebrate the most holy day on the Jewish calendar. It is called Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement.


At synagogues everywhere worshippers will recite the so-called Kol Nidre prayer. Taken from the first two Hebrew words of the prayer, “Kol Nidre” means “all vows.”


The goyim (note #1) are told that Yom Kippur is an occasion when pious, saintly Jews approach their Maker in a penitential rite to beg his forgiveness for wrongs they have committed during the past year.


RUBBISH! The occasion is nothing less than a time when Jews ask for and receive absolution for all the sins and wrongs they are about to commit—IN THE COMING YEAR! In so doing, they cut a lawyer’s deal with their god (whom they call YHWH, or Yahweh) that gives them an exemption in advance from all wrongdoing.


Here is the actual text of this outrageous “prayer”:

“All vows, prohibitions, oaths, consecrations or equivalent terms that we may vow, swear, consecrate, or prohibit upon ourselves from this Yom Kippur until the next Yom Kippur, may it come upon us for good—regarding them all, we repudiate them henceforth. They all will be abandoned, cancelled, null and void; they will be without power and without standing. Our vows shall not be valid vows; our prohibitions shall not be valid prohibitions; and our oaths shall not be valid oaths.”


That’s pretty clear, unambiguous language. What we have here, in fact, is nothing less than a one-year, renewable license to lie, cheat and steal with impunity, all based on a decree from the Jews’ so-called holy book, which says:

And he who desires that none of his vows made during the year shall be valid, let him stand at the beginning of the year and declare, ‘Every vow which I make in the future shall be null.’ (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Nedarim 23a & 23b)


Among those reciting the Kol Nidre oath this evening will be many Jewish politicians, lawyers, judges, corporate executives, businessmen, journalists and public officials. It should be noted that any oaths they may take to uphold and defend the Constitution or otherwise tell the truth are, as of tonight, “abandoned, cancelled, null and void” and rendered “without power and without standing.”


Isn’t that nice?


  •  #1. A derogatory Hebrew word for non-Jews

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