Why you should support “holocaust” Revisionism?

  • Because it solves the present day problems?
  • Because a major Revisionist breakthrough is imminent?
    No. That would require major upheaval, and radical change on a global scale. In Germany, Revisionist success would lead to major foreign policy ramifications.
  • Because it is a right wing political movement?
    Actually, Revisionism is apolitical, but is in opposition to current historical dogma. Since the prevailing political trend is leftward, Revisionism is essentially in opposition to left-wing prejudice, bias, propaganda, and lies.
  • To ensure a true historical record is passed on to future generations?
    Yes, such a motive would be good, important and idealistic.
  • Because those who have suffered or died for Revisionism deserve our solidarity?
    Yes, such solidarity would be good and idealistic.
  • Because only a major Revisionist breakthrough will ensure major political change?
    The “holocaust” hangs over Western societies like the sword, hung by a hair, hung over the Greek Damocles. And as long as the “holocaust” inhibits free discussion of essential political and social questions, no political change can be expected. Read on to find out why that is the case.
  • Because we could pay some independent scholars a small scholarship in order to allow them to continue their research?
    As researchers face financial problems, for expressing unapproved views on the “holocaust”, a grant of a scholarship would be desirable, as there are no lack of candidates, but only a lack of assured financial support.

Misunderstandings about “holocaust” Revisionism

  • Holocaust Revisionism doesn’t derserve any support because it cannot solve any of our current problems
    Many of our poltical problems will not be able to be solved without the success of Holocaust Revisionism, as the “holocaust” prevents free discussion.
    For example: An argument on educational support according to intelligence and talent, leads to the leftist response that “this is Social Darwinism – which leads to the ‘Gas chambers'”. A mention of a fair family, pension and population policy, is shouted down by the Left that this is the same as “Give the Fuhrer a child”. To even dare to mention opposition to mass immigration, results in offensive responses, such as that made by a journalist to a German right-wing politician in 1989: “Do you want to send the Turks to the Gas Chambers?” In Europe, and especially in German, any espousing of  patriotism is countered with the standard Leftist response that “the [Nazi] womb is still fertile!”. There is also no possibility to investigate and discuss  the miraculous recovery of German economy between 1933 and 1936, under National Socialist direction, from an extremely deep slump of recession to a flourishing and strong economy, despite foreign economic boycott, which is not “politically correct” and therfore unacceptable.
  • Revisionists should not attack the “Auschwitz” mythology, which can only be ineffectual, but should direct their energies elsewhere.
    The idea that “Auschwitz” is a potent motif of ours in the current political struggle is not correct. It is not “us” who are attacking a powerful symbol, on a battleground chosen by us. The opposite is true, it is “us” who are besieged, and from all sides, are bombarded with the heavy artillery of the enemy, i.e., the cultural and political bombshells of “Fascism”, “Auschwitz” and “holocaust”. Unless we manage to snatch this “wonder weapon” form  the enemy, we will be plastered into oblivion. Anyone who refuses to take up the challenge of the enemy’s weapons, deserts his people, his country and his culture.
  • Revisionism doesn’t deserve prominent support as there are many other organisations and institutions which should be supported.
    Many organisations and institutions deserve support, eg. those who

    • protect national independent currencies;
    • protect national languages and accents;
    • protect and inprove educational standards;
    • protect national theatre and movie industry;
    • protect traditional folkore;
    • protect national culture;
    • protect children, mothers and families;
    • protect national pensions;
    • protect the nation;
    • fight for the freedom/independence of lost or occupied territories;
    • support their kinfolk in other countries;
    • support our former colonies
    • support agriculture;
    • support national printing and publishing companies;
    • support all sorts of patriotic parties;
    • protect from foreign investment;
    • support the national reputation;
    • protect our environment;
    • fight for national sovereignity and self-determination, etc.

    Such organisations have honourable and important purposes, which have a common theme in the self-determination of peoples against a genocidal and culture destroying New World Order.

    But such organisations are futile, because as soon as they gain influence, their years of hard work can be destroyed very quickly by the media, politicians, the law, and ethnic minorities by the use of heavy artillery such as the “Auschwitz Club”.

    The experience of the last 50 years is: Any attempt to encourage ethnic, national, and cultural independence is met by “Auschwitz”: “Self-determination requires patriotism, patriotism is nationalism, and nationalism leads to Auschwitz“. This is the logic of terror: “One World or Auschwitz!” Click here to get an idea how even the future of North America looks like, if this logic of terror is not broken.

    As long as the “holocaust” blocks the struggle for cultural and political self-determination, cultural and politically self-determination will remain impossible.

However, if you wish to support such previously mentioned organisations, then please continue to do so, as we do not object, as they carry out a major and important role! But as a passionate Revisionist once said: “If you don’t fight on the ‘gas front’, then you don’t fight at all!“.


Historical Revisionism by Vrij Historisch Onderzoek VHO.ORG / archived from litek.ws

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