Why the Jews Hate Martha Stewart

As you know, the Jews own and control the Media — TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. So, what they claim is good, is boosted, celebrated and advertised by them as good. And what they claim is bad, is smeared, slandered, demonized, ridiculed and advertised as bad.

Europe, Canada, the United States and Australia are thoroughly brainwashed with Jewish Media extravaganzas and chicanery. Fools believe what the Jews say while the discerning person knows that the number one rule when dealing with the Media is: “If the Jews hate it, it must be good.” After all, the Jews are here to steal your wealth, dispossess you of your country, malign your heritage, destroy your family and to cause you harm, so if people do just the opposite of what the Jews recommend, then you will live and prosper.

“If the Jews hate it, it must be good,” is as wise a saying as any that Benjamin Franklin ever conceived. I follow this advice myself because I wrote it: “If the Jews hate it, it must be good.” So, when the Jew Media begins a slander and smear campaign against someone like Martha Stewart, then you know that these devils are up to something crooked.

Personally, I don’t follow Martha Stewart much. I’ve seen a couple of her short, cooking-advice vignettes on the Jew-tube when I was visiting my old mother, who adores her. To me, Martha Stewart seems to be a very nice lady with good things to offer the American people. But because I like to eat a plate of beans with some whole wheat bread and a quart of beer for lunch or dinner, Martha Stewart’s advice doesn’t do much for me because it’s aimed at people who are civilized. So, I don’t pay her much notice.

But when the Jewspapers and TV and all of the other Jewish media including the tabloids on the supermarket check-out counters begin a smear campaign against Martha Stewart — in chorus and in lock-step — accusing her of (gasp!) “insider stock trading”; and when the Media publishes unflattering biographies, produces a made-for-TV movie that portrays her as a shrew, tells a raft of jokes on late-night talk shows about her, and has fun with her as the butt of the joke on Web sites and numerous cartoons, my ears perk up and I begin to smell a Jewish rat … lots and lots of Jewish rats. Martha Stewart is suddenly no longer presented as a virtuous and kindly friend of all but is rather portrayed as a long list of negative characteristics written by Jewish columnists who know how to smear and yet to stay just inside the line of legal slander and libel. So, when I see and hear these things, I dust off my Ben Franklin look-alike and read it to myself once again: “If the Jews hate it, it must be good.”

Some people wonder why the Jews have so much money. One of the secrets of Jewish finance is that ALL Wall Street stock trading is done with “insider secrets”. That is, those who know of the financial and tactical secrets of a corporation and who thus have the advantage of making money from buying or selling the stocks of that company, are prohibited from using that information to buy and sell the stocks of that company. But in a criminal conspiracy such as Judaism, the laws that are made by the Jews are designed to be of benefit only to the Jews.

The Jews control the stock markets through their control of the Federal Reserve Bank and through the use of a Jews-only system of whispered tips and insider information. The Stock Market is Jewish, the lawyers are Jewish, the stockbrokers are Jewish, the banks are Jewish, large numbers of corporate officers are Jewish, the bookkeepers are Jewish, the judges are Jewish, and the auditors are Jewish. The only thing that is not Jewish about the Stock Market are the millions of investors who give their money to the Jews in the hope and the gamble that they will get something without working for it. The Jews need these investors to supply them with money since it is the nature of the Stock Market that the losers are there to provide for the winners. And how can the Jews make money in the stock market unless they have plenty of losers to give it to them?

The Jews practice “insider trading” among themselves because it is a “mitzvah” — a good deed — to help fellow Jews. “Insider trading” for a Jew is only illegal if he is caught at it. In this way, Jews prosper while non-Jews must take their risks in the gambling house and the sucker-trap known as the stock market.

In regard to the laws that the Jewish lawyers have written, they are only on the books so as to prevent non-Jews from profiting in the same way that the Jews do. Insider trading is illegal because if everybody was able to do it, then the suckers would not consent to being losers by putting their money in a market where only the Jews win. So, insider trading is done only among the Jews and everybody else is strictly punished by the “Law” which the Jewish lawyers wrote. Martha Stewart’s stockbroker knew this when he entrapped her by giving her the tip to sell her stock. And of course, it was just a coincidence that every, single Jew in America immediately turned on Martha Stewart like a well-orchestrated gaggle of rabid dogs.

To present their usual hypocritical false face to the non-Jews of the world and to make sure that there are plenty of non-Jewish suckers willing to invest in the stock market, the Jews piously declare that the markets are protected with rules and regulations that the Jewish lawyers write which makes “insider trading” illegal. And to make sure that the suckers who invest in a Jewish swindle continue to believe that the stock markets are equally fair to everyone, the Jews want to make a big media splash of the trials of those who are caught breaking the rules of stock trading. Unfortunately for the Jews, the ones who are caught are usually Jews. These are given the lightest possible sentence by the corrupt Jewish judges and the whole affair is hushed up quickly by the Jewish Media Monopoly. This happens time and time again. But to impress the suckers that the trade laws actually have teeth, a scapegoat is occasionally needed as a sacrifice.

According to Talmudic Law, a sacrifice for the Jews requires blood and that blood must be from an innocent victim. Thus, it is important for the Jews to find a scapegoat that they can push over the cliff so that the sins of Israel are expiated. And it is best if this scapegoat is clean and pure and without blemish, since it is the rule of the evil rabbis that the virtuous should suffer and die while the corrupt and sinful Jews live and prosper. And if the scapegoat is rich and famous so that its fall can be made all the more worthy of big headlines and pious remonstrations of the Jewish news commentators, so much the better. In this case, the scapegoat is Martha Stewart, a woman who promotes wholesome and clean living, beauty and sweetness and who makes a lot of money doing so. And she is an easy target because as a result of her success, she is surrounded by Jews who can apprise one another of her movements and financial situation.

Martha Stewart represents what is healthy, wholesome, beautiful and fine, so she is an impediment to the Jews in their quest of degrading, tearing down and destroying the United States and our people. As a part of the Jewish-Leftist Conspiracy to undermine and to weaken the morals and the moral of the People of this great country, anyone and anything that is of positive benefit is an impediment to Jewish subversion and conquest. The ugly, the degraded and the immoral, you can see the Jews promoting daily through their Media Monopoly. Just turn on the TV or watch the trash from out of Hollywood and you can see what evil and corruption that the Jews promote. But someone like Martha Stewart who is genuinely good, the Jews wish to slander and to criminalize. And Martha Stewart is one of the world’s wealthiest women. She is a winner. She is wealthy, popular and powerful — three things that the Jews abhor in a non-Jew.

Again, many people wonder how the Jews have so much money. Another of their methods for making money is simply to put their competitors out of business first and then to move into the vacant territory. And so, what happens when Martha Stewart is smeared and dirtied by the Jewish Media? Whether she is found “guilty” or not doesn’t matter since her reputation of purity and virtue are permanently tarnished beneath the mud and filth that the Jews already have heaped upon her. Even without being convicted, she has already been forced to step down as the leader of her company. And if the Jewish judge and the herd of Jewish lawyers and the paparazzi of Jewish media swine find her “guilty”, then of course, her reputation and her multi-million dollar business that she built up from scratch is doomed, finished, out-of-business. A huge vacuum will be left in the marketing niche that Martha Stewart so laboriously built with her own grit, charm, beauty and intelligence. This unique marketing niche, no Jew had ever thought about exploiting before Martha Stewart created it and no Jew could take it for their own … unless, of course, the star was to lose its luster.

Oi Vey! What will happen to all of Martha Stewart’s loyal customers? What will they do? What will they buy? Not to worry! The Jewish Media is here to help you. Coming soon to TV screens everywhere, with their big noses and thick, moist, sucking lips splashed across Time and Newsweek and in the market tabloids presenting them as simply the forever greatest, you will soon be seeing the virtuous Miriam Swartzsilber or maybe the witty and wholesome Deborah Steingold presenting helpful tips for arranging doilies, building Christmas dreidels out of old thread bobbins and making peanut butter latkes with matzo balls and cream cheese sautéed with gefiltefish and garlic dressing. Yum!


William Forrest


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